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1. Zombie Survival Course: Gain the skills you need to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Taught by a security industry veteran, this weekend-long course in New Jersey shows you how to shoot everything from a glock to an M4 Rifle, perform valuable first aid treatments, and use ordinary items in close combat to defend yourself.

2. The Crawl Inclusive: A three-day tour of Brooklyn's finest eateries.

3. Who's your caddy? Is your sweetie really into golf? Register him for, an easy-to-use online golf organizer that can help keep him and all his golf buddies on the same page (literally) about their next golf trip.

4. An executive triathlon coach: It's hard enough to find time to simply put in a workout, let alone train for a marathon or triathlon. Enter Mikael Hanson, a former Wall Street guy-turned-pro endurance coach who specializes in fitting intensive training into a hectic schedule.

5. Get custom jeans delivered: Who doesn't have a favorite pair of jeans? Now your S.O. can get his custom-designed and tailored to fit his exact measurements from 3x1, a N.Y.-based workshop and denim museum that specializes in making hand-stitched jeans.


Andy Russell is Co-founder and Chairman of InsideHook. Andy is also on the board of Thrillist, TasitingTable, and PureWow. He has been investing in and building digital media businesses since 1999.