This Innovative New Sex Toy Has a Tapping Function That Mimics Fingers

Better Love’s latest launch uses a revolutionary tapping technique to stimulate the clitoris — no hands necessary.
By Braelyn Wood
January 15, 2021
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From thrusting vibes to sucking sensations, sex toy technology seems to get better and better every year. And 2021 is no different, thanks to a brand new release that promises an unexplored path to pleasure: the Better Love Tap Dancer ($149;

Unlike many other sex toys, which buzz or suck, this innovative toy uses a tapping sensation designed to mimic human touch and feel like fingers. It's imagined as an ode to foreplay and is inspired by the stress-relieving effects of EFT tapping, a therapeutic technique in which you lightly tap on specific acupressure points on the body. Of course, the clit-focused movement will melt away your worries for a totally different reason. (And that orgasm comes with its own set of health benefits.)

The Tap Dancer also separates the power button, which turns on an LED light, from the mode button, which starts the tapping movement. That means you can use turn the toy on and use the LED light to guide it into place before tapping (pun intended) into your desired setting. Other features include a 70-minute run time — ideal for a slow, sensuous solo session — and six different tapping modes. The rechargeable toy also is also safe for use with water-based lubes and ergonomically shaped to slip right into partner play (just like these other best vibrators for couples).

Despite the glitz and sequins the name suggests, the Tap Dancer is undeniably chic with a teardrop design and gold detailing reminiscent of the Womanizer. You can choose from turquoise, purple, or white colorways — though it'll deliver the same breathtaking sensation either way. And unlike actual tap dancing, this toy is pretty quiet, with its maximum sound output is no louder than a normal speaking conversation.

The only downside of the revolutionary tech is that it comes with the price tag reflecting it at $149. Luckily, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee allows you plenty of time to determine if the Tap Dancer delivers the "eye rolling" orgasm it promises. 

Credit: Ella Paradis