Fall Date Ideas That Are Tailored to Every Zodiac Sign

Whether you're dating yourself or you're taking out your crush this season, these astrology-based fall date ideas will make everyone involved feel oh-so-loved.

Once Labor Day passes and the temperature drops below 70°F each year, well-established couples and new crushes alike rush to the local pumpkin patch or apple orchard for a cute, IG-worthy outing. There's nothing inherently wrong with taking part in these cliché dates, but to some — especially those who've stood in a half-hour line for a five-minute hayride — these excursions can get real old, real quick.

So instead of following those tired traditions year after year (if that's not your jam), consider looking to the planets for innovativefall date ideas. Here, Maressa Brown, Shape's resident astrologer, breaks down the best seasonal rendezvous for each zodiac sign. No matter if you're partnered up, casually dating, or single and looking to shower yourself with love, these fall date ideas will boost your chances of feeling butterflies and blissful.

Still, there is one condition: Using only your sun sign to find fall date ideas may not give you completely accurate recommendations, as this sign is just one piece of your personal astrology puzzle, says Brown. ICYDK, your moon and Venus signs are equally as important when it comes to romance and dating, she explains. So if the suggestions for your sign don't feel like a fit with your personality, consider working with a professional astrologer (or by plugging your info into an online service such as astrology.com) to determine the rest of your natal (birth) chart, which details the moon's and the planets' placements in the sky at the specific moment you were born. This will give you a more accurate idea of your personal astrology and how it will influence your personality and relationships, Brown previously told Shape.

Ready to keep the romance alive, win over a potential boo, or date yourself this fall? Look for your date's sign, your sign, or both in the list below and plan your outing accordingly. (Going on a first date? Look to these astrology-based ideas to leave a lasting impression.)

Fall Date Ideas That Are Tailored to Every Zodiac Sign
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Aries (March 21–April 19)

As a fire sign ruled by Mars, the God of war, Ariens tend to be intensely competitive, athletic, and interested in sports. That's why Brown suggests fall date ideas such as attending a football or late-season baseball game or playing a pick-up game with friends. "An Aries also loves being really physical," she explains. "It might not sound like a date to some people, but for an Aries, doing a grueling workout — like a really challenging run or training for [a competition] — would feel like self-care for them." So if you're flying solo this season, prepping for a half-marathon — or a 5k — is a fitting way to date yourself.

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taureans are luxury-loving homebodies who don't care about being labeled as "basic" and will proudly sip on pumpkin spice lattes throughout the season, says Brown. (More power to them!) They're into classic fall date ideas, such as visiting a pumpkin patch or going to a vineyard for a wine tasting surrounded by the fall foliage, whether it be with a romantic partner or their closest friends. Since they probably have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to hygge vibes, going candle shopping, either by themselves or with a S.O., is sure to make a Taurean feel warm and loved.

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so it's no surprise that they crave being mentally stimulated and surrounding themselves with folks from all different walks of life, explains Brown. To win them over (or just give yourself the social activity you need), go for the fall date ideas that involve a big group, she says. Throw a Halloween party with all of your friends, or head to the store together to pick out a costume that's sure to win the contest — bonus points for going with a couple's costume. "They'd definitely do a matching costume with their partner or friend, or do part of an ensemble, like The Avengers," says Brown.

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

As sentimental, family-oriented folks, Cancers are always down to have their partners over for a Sunday night dinner with their parents, says Brown. "If they're at that point with their person that they can involve their family members, they will," she explains. They also enjoy the cozy, homey things in life, Brown adds, so making a hearty chili in the slow cooker or hitting up the farmers' market for seasonal ingredients together (or solo) will give them all the warm and fuzzy feelings.

Leo (July 23–August 22)

Ruled by the sun, dynamic and charismatic Leos want to see and be seen. To boost the odds of making sparks fly, try fall date ideas such as a stay at an upscale, raved-about bed and breakfast where the fall foliage is at its peak or a dinner at a buzzy gourmet restaurant with a new fall menu, says Brown. When the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to shrivel up, though, the fire sign might start feeling nostalgic for warmer, sunnier days. That's why Brown suggests taking your date — or yourself — to the beach for one last bonfire of the season. (Can't relate? Take this quiz to find out what your true zodiac sign is.)

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Virgos crave opportunities to connect intellectually, and as an Earth sign, they can't get enough of the outdoors, no matter the season. For fall date ideas, Brown suggests going for an outdoor stroll — bundled up in your favorite sweater, coffee in hand, and chatting about all things under the sun — or seeing a new movie that's scoring critical praise and grabbing drinks to talk about it afterward. "A good solo date for a Virgo is going to the bookstore," adds Brown. "Finding new books is one of their favorite things in the world — that feels like such a treat for a Virgo."

Libra (September 23–October 22)

Simply put, any fall date ideas you've seen in an '80s rom-com are sure to win over a Libra. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Libras are the classic romantics of the zodiac who desperately want to be swept off their feet. "They'd like their partner to plan a whole thing, like a romantic dinner by the fire," says Brown. As social butterflies who love hosting parties, Libras may also enjoy a date — or a self-care night — that involves thoroughly decorating their home for upcoming get-togethers, such as a Halloween party or Friendsgiving, she adds.

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

As autumn babies themselves, intense and magnetic Scorpios will be satisfied with practically any date that gives off dark, moody fall vibes. Consider taking the water sign to a horror movie or film festival, haunted house, or ghost tour, but if you're looking for something not-so-spooky, you've got options. Scorpios are family-oriented and hold reverence for the elders in their family, so taking your partner, your kids (if you have them), or just yourself over to your grandparents' house to bake with them will give the Scorpio the bonding time they crave,explains Brown.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of fortune and abundance, Sagittarians are consumed by wanderlust, and they'll find any excuse they can to globe-trot — or at least cross the country. To make the fire sign swoon, head over to Vermont to see the gorgeous fall foliage or take advantage of off-season deals by booking a European adventure in the autumn, suggests Brown. If travel isn't in the cards at the moment, plan a future trip instead, she says. Sagitarrians are also naturally adventurous and are always looking for ways to broaden their horizons, so consider solo or partner fall date ideas such as tackling a challenging hike or completing a ropes course in the woods.

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Industrious and disciplined, Capricorns are the epitome "rise and grind" lifestyle. These workaholics take their goals seriously, and they're not afraid to brag about them on a date — no matter how early in the relationship, says Brown. All that's to say don't be surprised if a Capricorn wants to bring their date to a work function, such as a happy hour to celebrate the office reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic. As an Earth sign, though, they'll also enjoy spending their time in nature, as long as it has an educational component. Whether you're taking yourself or your S.O. out for the evening, consider fall date ideas such as visiting a botanical garden or a planetarium, suggests Brown. "They also like being outdoors with their pets a lot, so incorporating pets into a date, like going to the dog park or beach, would be great," she adds. (Make sure to stock up on these dog accessories before you get active with a pooch.)

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Aquarians can easily be defined as the polar opposites of Taureans, as they tend to despise convention and most things considered to be "basic," explains Brown. And as humanitarians, they seek out causes and activities that'll allow them to improve the world in one way or another. Translation: You'll have to get creative with your fall date ideas if you want to win over a Taurean's heart. To allow the air sign to act on their altruistic side, Brown suggests volunteering for a breast cancer awareness event or helping out at the local food pantry or soup kitchen, either by yourself or with a companion. (

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and spirituality that clouds rational thought, imaginative Pisceans are known to dream big and get lost in their fantasies. As such, the water sign tends to be interested in the metaphysical, says Brown. For solo or partner fall date ideas, Brown recommends seeing an artistic play, musical, or performance that allows them to escape from reality, such as The Nutcracker or Wicked. Learning all about the upcoming eclipse season, which begins on November 19 with a partial lunar eclipse, together can also allow a Piscean to explore their passion for questioning space, time, and general existence — and create a lasting bond.

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