Jaclyn and Scott challenge and motivate each other.

By Mirel Ketchiff
May 09, 2018
Photo: Jaclyn and Scott Byrer

Shape's former fitness director Jaclyn, 33, and her husband Scott Byrer, 31, are as crazy about working out as they are about each other. Their typical date? CrossFit or a multi-mile trail run. Here, they explain why their love for the active life is essential to their bond. (You can also steal some of Jaclyn's morning workout tips, too.)

Jaclyn: "When we first started dating, Scott lived in L.A., and I was in New York. He'd visit, and we'd work out together. The first time I visited him, he ran a marathon, and I ran a half."

Scott: "I knew she was a personal trainer, so on one of my early visits I asked her to show me weight lifting techniques. I saw right away that she could lift heavier weights than I could. I just accepted that my girlfriend was stronger than I was. Actually, that's always attracted me to her." (Here's a beginner's guide to lifting heavy.)

Jaclyn: "It works both ways, though. He was a snowboarder, and I was average at best. But he helped me improve, and now we do it together. We have our own strengths, and we learn from and motivate each other. We've also been vulnerable with each other from the start. Working out can be a really humbling thing if you go all in with something that's new to you. I think we both realized we could be honest and open with each other and that when we were, it was an opportunity for self-improvement." (Here are other signs your relationship is #FitCoupleGoals.)

Photo: Jaclyn and Scott Byrer

Scott: "We do get competitive sometimes, but we never let it get out of hand. For instance, we did a Spartan Race together and agreed that the loser had to find a fun experience for us to try. She beat me, so I took her hot-air ballooning–a new adventure to share." (Related: Meet the Fit Couple Who Got Married at Planet Fitness)

Jaclyn: "If either of us is particularly tense about something, we encourage the other to sweat it off. I can tell if he's stressing, and I'll suggest he go for a run, and vice versa. Honestly, I think that's the reason why we rarely fight. We literally work it out."