Fitness Workout Routines With Your Partner


Working out with your significant other can be a terrific way to intensify a relationship, but if done incorrectly, it can also do damage.

Here are a few strategies to follow-and situations to avoid the next time you hit the gym with your loved one.

Do New Workout Routines

Pick an activity that neither of you have tried; that way you'll both experience the novelty, pitfalls, and satisfaction together. If you find something that you can both do at different paces, then you don't have to worry about keeping up. Try a cycling class or sign up together for popular fitness workout programs like CrossFit cycling or SPX Fitness.

Work Together

If you see your partner hitting a fitness plateau, here's your chance to jump in. Do they respond to motivational you-can-do-it cheerleader speeches or does a tough-love pep talk get their blood pumping? Finding this out is crucial for the longevity of a relationship, both in and out of the gym. Another technique that can bring you closer: Put the same playlist on your iPods and use the song changes as cues to switch up the pace. You're doing your own thing, but experiencing it together.

Take Control of Your Workout Routines

Even if you're not at the same fitness workout level, you can still take turns planning the workout. If you both go to the gym, lead a circuit training session. If you're runners, then map out a new trail.

Don't Show Off During a Fitness Workout

Being competitive is great, but nothing positive can come from gloating. The reason you're working out together is to grow the relationship in a new domain, so it doesn't matter who wins MVP.

Don't Forget Your Fitness Workout Goals

Your own personal goals are still very important. If you're training for a race and need to stick to a schedule, then schedule working out as a pair only on non-training days. Otherwise, set a goal and reap the rewards together.

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