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Good Vibrations: Supercharge Your Sex Life

Best for Beginners

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If you’re only interested in clitoral stimulation—or the phallus shape just isn’t for you—consider the Iroha Sakura ($99; Designed with a split tip to gently hug your pleasure spots, the palm-size gadget has a uniquely pliable texture that feels velvety-soft and delightfully squeezable.

Best for the Body Aware

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The Minna Ola ($149; has no set speeds or patterns. Rather, the device mimics the way your hand moves: Squeeze gently for slow vibrations or harder for faster, more intense sensations. Its versatile shape and silicone coating make this a perfect toy for internal or external action.

Best for Hitting the Spot

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The world’s bestselling G-spot vibrator recently got an upgrade and now sports softer silicone, a 100-percent increase in power, and eight pulsation patterns. What didn’t change: The Gigi 2 ($119; still has a signature flattened tip that allows you to explore your erogenous zone with ease.

Best for Anytime, Anywhere

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Stash it in your makeup bag and no one will be the wiser: Studio Collection’s Lipstick Vibrator ($15; has a flexible tip for external stimulation, or pop on the cap to turn this baby into a sleek, bullet-style insertable.

Best for Dual Stimulation

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Sex and the City fans will remember the Rabbit; now there’s the updated (and cordless!) Rabbit Habit ($90; Fun features include a twirling, G-spot–stimulating head; fluttering, clitoris-caressing bunny ears; and a shaft of tumbling pearls that tease the oft-neglected vaginal opening.

Best for Couples

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Get your guy in on the action with the We-Vibe 4 ($160;, a silky silicone doodad you can actually wear during sex. The larger end hugs your clitoris while the smaller, flatter end slides inside to target your G-spot—with plenty of room for him to fit too. (Really!)

Best for Traditionalists

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Formerly known as the Hitachi, and referred to as the "Cadillac of vibrators," Magic Wand Original ($55; has been around since the ’70s. Why so popular? With 5,000 vibrations per minute, it’s the only thing some women find powerful enough to get the job done. The wand is loud, though, and has a cord—but at least it won’t lose its charge mid-session!


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