Whether the focus is your pleasure or his endurance, we’ve got 5 rubbers you won’t regret upgrading to, including latex-free, and SKYN condoms

By Marie Gartee
January 02, 2015

Want to spice up your sex life in 2015? You don't have to pull a Fifty Shades and dedicate an entire room to getting kinky, because luckily for you-and your wallet-big changes can come in small packages. This is precisely why we reached out to Emily Morse, a sexologist and host of the popular podcast "Sex with Emily," to recommend five brands of condoms that you absolutely must try in the New Year. (Also check out 16 New Year's Resolutions to Improve Your Sex Life.)

If You Want to Forget You're Wearing a Condom: Crown Skinless Skin


Crown Condoms

Your days of hearing "but it just doesn't feel as good with a condom" are over thanks to the masterminds at Crown. The ever-popular Crown Skinless Skin condom has become a staple in adult films because it provides a "bareback" feel. "These are definitely thinner than the average condom, but are still extremely stretchy, strong, and safe to use," says Morse.

If You Want Him to Last Longer: LifeStyles EverLast Intense



"Advances in condom technology are making it harder and harder to position any one condom as the condom to stave off orgasms for men," explains Morse. But if you're looking for a model that has a solid track record, LifeStyles EverLast Intense is a good place to start. "This condom is a win-win because it has a ‘delay lubricant' to help prolong and improve the sexual experience, as well as a studded exterior to intensify the sensations for you," says Morse. (Find out How to Deal with His Most Embarrassing Sexual Issues.)

If You Want Your Safety Ensured: L.Condoms



L.Condoms are a game changer for two reasons: The product is made with natural ingredients that keep your body safe, and L.Condoms have an overarching mission to support female sexual health on a global scale, explains Morse. The company was founded by a female photojournalist whose coverage of the effects of HIV/AIDS on women inspired her into action-which is why for every condom that is purchased, one is distributed in a developing country in need.

If You're Allergic to Latex: SKYN Condoms


SKYN Condoms

All of SKYN's condoms are made with a polyisoprene (non-latex) material, so no matter what type you reach for, you'll be safe from an allergic reaction. Even if you're not affected by latex, they're still worth taking for a spin due to the excellent reviews on their lubricant. "SKYN's Extra Lubricated condoms are long lasting, soft, flexible, and contour to many shapes-which means less worry about them sliding off," explains Morse.

If You Want to Support a Nonprofit: Sir Richard's


Sir Richard's

"Ever since Sir Richard's launched in 2009, they've made a huge splash with their ‘buy one, give one' campaign that donates protection to developing countries around the globe," says Morse. In fact, they recently expanded the campaign so consumers can choose where they'd like their condoms to be donated, she says. An additional bonus to choosing Sir Richard's: Their condoms are free of harmful chemicals like glycerin, parabens, and spermicide. (Check out these other 4 Condoms with a Cause.)