Healthy Finances: You're A Shopaholic. He's A Miser. Can You Make It Work?


"Many couples aren't on the same page financially," says Lois Vitt, co-author of You and Your Money: A No-Stress Guide to Becoming Financially Fit. "And unresolved money issues can potentially lead to divorce." The key to overcoming differences? Open communication. Vitt offers these solutions to three common clashes.

  • You love to splurge; he's Fred Frugal
    Come up with savings and spending regimens. The shopaholic will have discretionary dollars so she doesn't feel deprived, while the saver can be confident there will be money for emergencies and the future.
  • You pay off your credit cards every month; he's in debt up to his Humvee
    Work together. Sit down and list everything he owes. Pay off items with the highest interest rates first, then transfer balances to lower-rate cards. Make a pact to stop using credit for frills like dining out and big-ticket items like a flat-screen TV (save up for them instead).
  • You can account for every penny you spend; he tosses receipts
    When you share a bank account, be aware of both your income and expenses. If your man isn't a spreadsheet guy, volunteer to play accountant, but include him in the process.
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