There are a lot of "uh-oh" moments that can happen during sex. Here's what you need to know if a condom slips off during your hookup.

By Lauren Mazzo

A lot of scary things can happen during sex: busted headboards, queefs, broken penises (yes, really). But one of the worst is when a crucial part of the safe-sex process goes awry, and you find yourself with ~ condom problems. ~

If you're really worried about the condom slipping off, there's something you should know. If you use a condom correctly start to finish, it's highly unlikely that a condom will slip off inside of you, says Dr. Logan Levkoff, Shape sexpert. Typical condom use is 85 percent effective, according to the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals. With perfect use, however, the effectiveness goes up to 98 percent.

What is "correct" use, exactly? It includes the following steps: pausing the playtime to put a condom on as soon as your partner is erect and before any penetration happens, rolling the condom all the way from tip to base, and after ejaculation, holding onto the base of the condom and penis while withdrawing from the point of penetration. Waiting until he's lost his erection to pull out and remove the condom is a no-no.

If you followed the condom rule book to a T and still find yourself playing hide and go seek with your partner's used condom, it's better to play it safe than sorry: go get tested for STDs and take a pregnancy test, just in case. (Although, Dr. Levkoff says you should regularly be doing those things anyway.)

The very good news? Things can't get lost inside of your vagina forever. As ~magical~ as the female anatomy is, it's not a black hole. (If you thought it was, then you need this anatomy lesson, stat.)


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