You won't believe what he's up to when he's alone!


You may consider him your other half, but even if the two of you are attached at the hip, there's most likely a side of your man that only comes out when you're not around. And science seems to agree: One in 10 men are guilty of concealing some kind of sex secret from their significant other, according to research published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. While most habits don't pose a threat to your relationship, it's hard not to wonder what he's up to. To put your mind at ease, experts spill on five common (and bizarre) behaviors that happen when you two are apart.

His Hands Are Always Down His Pants



Depending on what stage your relationship is in, you may catch your man adjusting his boys every once in a while. But when he's on his own, chances are his hands are constantly engaged in the crotch-clutch. "It's not always a sexual thing either," says Emily Morse, a dating expert and host of the "Sex with Emily" radio show-a lot of men don't even realize they're doing it. Think of it this way: We have bras that provide us with support, but men are left hanging. "By cupping their goods, it provides them with a sense of comfort and security," Morse says, and eventually it becomes habitual due to its soothing nature.

He's Stalking You



The latest research shows that single men are more likely than single women to creep their potential love interests online-and that behavior doesn't stop once commitment enters the equation. [Tweet this fact!] "Men do not like to come across as too inquisitive or overprotective, so often they resort to acquiring their information elsewhere," Morse says. If you happen to be a frequent updater on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare, your man can keep tabs on you without seeming worrisome, she adds. So yes, that means he will see that you accepted your hot spin instructor's friend request.

He Stalks His Ex



A recent study from the University of Western Ontario found that 88 percent of people continue to creep their past loves on Facebook even after they've been separated for a year. "Whether you're male or female, it's pretty common to be intrigued with what your ex is up to, even if there are no romantic feelings attached to the behavior," Morse says. Considering you've probably peeked at your former flame's profile within the past month or so, don't feel threatened. But if you notice that the interaction has flourished beyond the realm of a random Internet search, establish some boundaries with your beau, Morse suggests.

He Watches Porn



It's not exactly breaking news that men are fond of X-rated videos, but the frequency in which he watches may surprise you. According to research from Brigham Young University, one in five men visits porn sites every day. And a lot of guys are better at hiding their habits than you may realize. "Mobile phones have made it really easy to have and hide access to porn," Morse says. And even if he is searching for smut on his Mac, it doesn't take much to cover up his tracks. "Men often look at porn in a different browser so it's not in their main search history," she explains, adding that some fellas even have separate emails so they can sign up for live webcams without mixing business with pleasure.

He's Researching How to Please You



Not all of his X-related searches are occurring on porn sites. "Men dedicate a good chunk of their time brushing up on how to please you," Morse says. [Tweet this fact!] Women typically have an easier time getting to the bottom of their sexual inquiries because they have a broader network to tap in to (i.e. wine night with the girls or frequent visits to the gynecologist). But since men don't fess up to their pals about their sexual interests as much, they trust most of their secretive thoughts with Dr. Google, she says.