How Smart Couples Stay Connected


Some people say you shouldn't have serious conversations in the bedroom, but Sally and Kelly, hosts of The Cave Report, a talk show on ABC News Radio (at 10 p.m. on Saturdays on XM and Sirius), disagree. In fact, the real-life couple share some of their most intimate bedroom chats on air every week. "Bed can be one of the best places for couples to reconnect, as it's often the place with the fewest distractions," says Sally. The communication-improving tips she swears by:

  • Set aside time to just talk in bed
    Though many couples find nighttime the most convenient, others may prefer to have coffee together in bed in the a.m.
  • Put the cell phones in another room; then turn off the computers, PDAs, and the ringer on the landline.
  • Keep it positive. Never start the conversation with an accusation or question, advises Sally. So instead of saying, "Why don't we ever go out anymore?" try, "I wish we could spend more time together."
  • Don't rule any topic out of bounds. It's all about reconnecting once a day, without any outside distractions. And who knows, she says, a great conversation may lead to something else!
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