How's Your Sex Life?


Just How Often Are You Having Sex?

Almost 32 percent of Shape readers have sex once or twice a week; 20 percent have it more often. And almost 30 percent of you wish you were hitting the sheets more frequently.

What You Really Want In Bed

Even readers who are content with how much sex they're having don't always rate the experience highly. Just 17 percent say you're happy with the status quo. Almost 25 percent of you desire more orgasms, while 10 percent want to get more creative and increase foreplay. For more satisfying sex, speak up! Only 22 percent of respondents tell partners what they like or need.

Sex: A Risky Business

More than 25 percent of respondents say they have had a sexually transmitted disease. Of those:

50 percent have HPV (human papillomavirus), which can cause cervical cancer.

37 percent have had chlamydia, which can lead to infertility.

24 percent have herpes, a cause of painful genital sores.

Less than 1 percent have contracted HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Almost 40 percent of you have been tested once, but what concerns us is that an equal number have never been tested. (20 percent of you get screened regularly.)The Truth About Condoms

They are the contraceptive of choice for 13 percent of Shape readers; yet surprisingly, 35 percent use no birth control at all. Additional ways you prevent pregnancy: birth-control pills (34 percent), hormonal devices like the ring and the patch (8 percent), and the rhythm method (2 percent).

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Almost 75 percent of readers fess up to using sexual aids to get in the mood. The top aphrodisiacs: toys like vibrators (62 percent), X-rated movies (54 percent), and role-playing (20 percent).

You Are Body-Confident

While 14 percent of you prefer the lights off so your partner can't see your trouble spots, the majority (about 70 percent) are indifferent to the lighting situation in the boudoir.

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