Women share their biggest deal breakers and turn offs that could stop them from saying "I do."


Everyone (yep, even your guy) has their flaws-and no matter how perfectly compatible you are with someone, relationships can be hard work. You're both bound to drive each other crazy every now and then. Sure, eventually love trumps most of these little annoyances (that's what they say, right?), but sometimes there are certain habits we just can't handle. In fact, yesterday, e-cigarette company Vapor Couture released the results of an interesting survey that delved into what really makes people tick when it comes to a potential fiancé.

After polling 1,000 people, the survey found that men and women's answers were primarily in sync. Which is a big relief, unless you or your man can identify with one or more of the top five "least desirable traits" identified by both genders. When it came to the ladies, 83 percent said infidelity was a least desirable trait, followed by bad hygiene (68 percent), unemployment (64 percent), smoking (57 percent), and financially irresponsible (56 percent). The participants were also asked to rank these same traits as ones that would most likely lead to divorce. Those answers mostly stayed the same, though money made a drastic jump up to second place. (Psst! Here are 16 Money Rules Every Woman Should Know by Age 30.)

While the list of negative traits might not be such a surprise, here's something that is: It seems women have less patience than men for the things that bother us most. (Hey, at least we know what we want.) Given the least desirable traits, women were 13 percent more likely to see these offenses as deal-breakers than men. What traits can you not stand in a partner? Tweet us @Shape_Magazine with your answers!