Could the Planets Have Predicted the 'Love Is Blind' Finale?

An astrologer weighs in on whether these couples were destined for success or failure from the beginning, according to their sun signs

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From impeachment to a volatile primary season, the coronavirus to Meghan and Harry's rejection of official royal life, and even Pilot Pete's endlessly aggravating season of The Bachelor, the early days of 2020 have been packed with discord, uncertainty, and Mercury retrograde-fueled confusion. Netflix knew we needed a cure for all these reality-triggered headaches and delivered in the form of effervescent, escapist, runaway hit reality TV series Love Is Blind, which audiences have been fully obsessed with since its premiere on February 13.

Hosted by Scorpio spouses Nick and Vanessa Lachey (who share the same birthday, November 9), the 10-part series documented a social experiment in which 30 men and women met, speed dating-style, in closed pods, challenged to connect in a meaningful way without ever getting a glimpse of one another's physical appearance. Only once they had fallen in love and gotten engaged were couples allowed to see one another—and then faced with the next-level challenge of making their nascent relationships work IRL.

If you've been loyally attached to the series (and the status of each couple), you know that during the February 27 season finale, some made it to "I do," while others' "blind love" went up in flames. Throughout the "process" of the experiment, I was craving astrological intel on the couples, as their signs could offer insight into their ability to make it or break up. Now that we have that valuable info—thanks to Netflix and a Love Is Blind producer—it's all the more clear why the LIB finale played out as it did. (Speaking of binge-able Netflix shows: Here's What a Real Cheerleader Thinks About Netflix's Cheer)

Here, the scoop on each of the final couple's astrological compatibility, based on their sun signs. Warning to LIB fans who somehow have yet to binge the finale: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Giannina Gibelli (Aries) & Damian Powers (Gemini)

G & Damian's Trajectory

From the moment of Giannina (aka Gigi or G) and Damian's engagement—when Gigi made viewers wait with bated breath for her response, in which she turned the tables on her boo and asked him to marry her—it was clear fans needed to buckle up for this roller coaster of a relationship. Once the couple got to Mexico, and Damian opted to eat a literal dessert instead of getting his sugar fix from his fiancé (wink wink), things went from eyebrow-raising to downright rocky.

Their obviously mismatched sex drives continued to create tension, with Gigi calling Damian out for being far from the best lover she's ever had. Ultimately, the couple made it to their wedding day, only for Gigi to say "I do," while Damian said he did not.

Their Astro Analysis

Fire sign Aries and air sign Gemini are sextile one another (when planets are two signs or about 60 degrees apart), which is a complementary, comfortable angle. G and Damian's combined free-spirited, impulsive air and fire energies explain why they connected through dynamic conversations and romantic adventures (like their premarital helicopter ride). (It's also no surprise that four of the 10 LIB finalists are passionate, dynamic fire signs, open to diving into the unknown.)

But Gigi's Aries sun also points to her need for more throwdown from her partner. The fire sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, sex, and war, and is known for being passionate and needing to feel ignited by a partner who can get on their level emotionally and physically.

The couple also argued incessantly—often as a result of Gigi digging into Damian. Whether it comes in the form of friendly debate or a full-blown screaming match, they are wired to go to verbal battle—for fun, or, as it seems in Gigi's case, foreplay. Meanwhile, airy Gemini, ruled by messenger Mercury, is all about communication, making Damian more likely to talk for the sake of talking as opposed to fighting, winning, and having steamy makeup sex, as Gigi was hoping to do. (

It's no surprise that Gigi, in all her Aries goddess glory, was ready to throw caution to the wind to see where a marriage to Damian would lead. But Geminis are notoriously indecisive, and in the end, the side of Damian won that felt this tumultuous relationship wasn't worth the strife.

Amber Pike (Aries) & Matt Barnett (Scorpio)

Amber & Barnett's Trajectory

From the season premiere, viewers had Matt Barnett pegged as a player. He quickly lived up to expectations, racking up three potential matches in Amber, Jessica, and L.C. But the initial humor-packed connection between Barnett and Amber ended up being the most viable and emotional, and when they saw each other for the first time, their physical chemistry was palpable. Their uphill battles came in the form of navigating Jessica's regret and plays for Barnett's attention, as well as potentially incompatible ideas about finances (Amber's $700-limit Ulta credit card was a reveal!).

In the finale, the pair decided not to let those potential issues curb their multi-layered connection, which they both felt was worth making a life-long commitment—and they both said: "I do."

Their Astro Analysis

Fire sign Aries and water sign Scorpio are quincunx one another (a 150° angle formed by planets five signs apart), which is a complicated, somewhat awkward aspect. These two signs traditionally don't share similar needs or perspectives, which can create irritation, but they can also learn from one another. It bears noting here—and for all the couples—that the sun sign is just one detail of many in your individual astrological profile (aka natal chart). For example, Barnett might have a couple of planets in adventurous fire sign Sagittarius and Amber could have them in emotional, family-oriented water sign Pisces. Having matching elements outside their sun sign would further explain their compatibility.

Nonetheless, looking exclusively at their Aries and Scorpio, both are dynamic, passionate, and care deeply about enjoying both physical and emotional sparks. Scorpio is co-ruled by go-getter Mars and transformative Pluto, so for the scorpion, sex isn't just a priority—it's an emotional, physical, and mental experience that can reshape their sense of self and view of the world. (And, hey, Matt did say he felt like the experience had changed him!) For similarly Mars-ruled Aries, sex is playful and competitive. It's no wonder these two had no trouble finding their groove IRL right away.

It's also understandable why Amber's financial past and request to be prioritized above his family initially haunted Barnett. Scorpio is the fixed (aka stubborn) sign of the water bunch, set in their ways—especially when it comes to money and family. They tend to be focused on cultivating success and have a great deal of reverence for family. But they want their own families just as much, and it's obvious that, while they may have been coming at it from two different places, Amber and Barnett could both see the merit in building a thrilling future together. (

Kelly Chase (Leo) & Kenny Barnes (Aries)

Kelly & Kenny's Trajectory

Sweet Kelly and Kenny seemed like a stock photo couple. Their easy-going chemistry made it seem so obvious to viewers who were like, "oh, of course they're going to make it" from the minute they hit it off in the pods. But then they went to Mexico and Kelly wanted to take it slow in the bedroom, preferring to focus on cuddling, kissing, and building their emotional and intellectual connection before having sex. Kenny was soon lamenting to the other guys that they weren't getting it on.

Midway through their engagement, the pair had a heart-to-heart about the DOA status of their sex life and the fact that Kelly had past trouble orgasming with partners. Fast-forward to just days before their potential "I do," and Kelly expressed to friends that Kenny wasn't her usual physical type, which seemed to be one of a few concerns at the root of their failure to launch a physical connection.

Although it still seemed like snuggles and sweetness might have sustained them, the pair walked down the aisle only for Kelly to decide against saying "I do" to Kenny.

Their Astro Analysis

Leo and Aries are both fire signs, which means they're trine one another (120 degrees or four signs apart). This is the most harmonious of all aspects between signs, indicative of natural chemistry, similar emotional needs, and a comfortable mental connection. But when it comes to trines, not all elements are made equal, and having too much in common can be an issue. The coupling of two fire signs might lead to passionate, long-lasting flames—or complete combustion

In the case of Kelly and Kenny, it seems they assumed their natural intellectual and emotional connection would translate to a hot, fulfilling physical one. By being in sync in a variety of ways, their comfort level was undeniable, but there's obviously harm in that, as it resulted in Kelly feeling like their bond was more platonic than anything else.

While Aries fall under the cardinal quality and are therefore more big picture-oriented and impulsive, Leo is the fixed fire sign. Lions like Kelly absolutely know what turns them on and what they need from a partner. It can be challenging for them to reframe their ideals, even on something as seemingly superficial (ex: that she usually goes for brunette guys). And once Leos have made up their minds about a romantic situation, there's rarely any turning back. Hence why it was clear from the moment Kelly rejected Kenny on the altar that she had made peace with pulling the plug on their brief relationship.

Jessica Batten (Cancer) & Mark Cuevas (Pisces)

Jessica & Mark's Trajectory

From the moment they learned they're both Chicagoans who love Italian beef, the Cubs, church, and family, Jessica and Mark felt a crazy intense connection and as though they were "the same person." There were just two catches: their 10-year age difference, which Jess struggled to wrap her head around, and the fact that Jess was falling for Barnett at the same time. Later, once Jessica landed on Mark, and they finally got to see one another, it became apparent that the 34-year-old was having trouble accepting that her 24-year-old beau is a bit different than her typical physical type. (

Cue lots of ups and downs and Jessica running hot then cold, which left LIB fans wondering if there was any way they could make it. It wasn't really much of a surprise to see Jessica attempt to tie the knot, only to tell Mark at the altar that she loved him but couldn't go through with it.

Their Astro Analysis

Both water signs, Cancer and Pisces are trine one another, making for lots of harmony and shared values. Both Cancer and Pisces care deeply about their loved ones, building a home together, food and wine, and tend to be unapologetic dreamers and romantics (check, check, check, check!). But facing reality isn't exactly their strong suit, and that definitely applies to Jessica and Mark's failed fairy tale.

Like Kelly and Kenny, the pair had an organic and harmonious mental and emotional connection from the start, but the physical part was always a sticking point for Jessica. There's also something to be said for the fact that Cancer is ruled by the moon, associated with maternal energy and motherhood. Cancers are natural caretakers and often idealize parenthood. Jessica's emotions around all of this could have exacerbated her anxieties around wanting to start a family—and worrying that Mark wasn't yet on the same page.

Meanwhile, Mark, as an idealistic Pisces, ruled by rational thought-clouding Neptune, wore rose-colored glasses throughout his whole experience with Jessica. Only once she axed their relationship on the altar did he have no choice but to face the harsh reality that she couldn't go all in.

Lauren Speed (Scorpio) & Cameron Hamilton (Cancer)

Lauren & Cameron's Trajectory

Plenty of LIB fans said they were hooked for one reason alone: Lauren and Cameron's off-the-charts, genuine, game-changing relationship, which, let's be honest, served as the heart of the show. It all began when they forged an intense emotional connection in the pods, finding common ground around family. They got engaged, seemingly without a doubt in their minds, and that certainty on both sides was apparent throughout their engagement.

Sure, the couple explored heavy questions, like what it would be like to build an interracial relationship in the real world and how Lauren's proud black father, in particular, would feel about her being with a white man. But Lauren and Cameron's ability to communicate directly, innate compatibility, and commitment to one another turned any possible gulp-inducing moment into NBD. In short, when the family-oriented, romantic, stunning pair started talking about how one of the rooms in Cam's house could become a nursery in short order, no one watching doubted that would be the case.

Their Astro Analysis

Like Jessica and Mark, Lauren and Cam are both water signs—Scorpio and Cancer are trine to one another. But unlike Cancer and Pisces, the match-up of Cancer and Scorpio is considered one of the most astrologically compatible of all time. They're both sentimental and deeply emotional, preferring all those feels to get steamy between the sheets. They both put family life above all else and communicate from the heart. And Cancer-Scorpio pairs see eye-to-eye on their bold career goals and desire for security.

LIB's dream couple certainly lives up to their sun sign stereotypes. A mama's boy who bought a house with hopes of starting a family and who is open about all of his deeply-felt feelings, Cameron might be one of the mushiest, most Cancer-y Cancers to ever appear on reality TV. And as an independent, goal-driven, boundary-setting boss babe (no one is using her toothbrush!) who has deep admiration and respect for her parents, Lauren is definitely a magnetic Scorpio. Together, they're pretty much unstoppable—and will probably end up growing their family STAT.

No wonder fans are demanding a Hamilton Ever After spin-off. Water sign power couple Lauren and Cam turned out to be a forever match made in reality TV heaven.

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