This Love Language Quiz Will Help You Better Connect with Your Partner and Yourself

Not everyone feels loved and appreciated from a quick peck on the cheek or a meaningful gift. Take this love language quiz to find out exactly what you need to feel most adored.

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The expression "different strokes for different folks" is typically used to describe trivial topics, such as a person's hobbies or music choices, but as it turns out, the cliché also rings true when it comes to significant matters of the heart. And that's the premise behind The 5 Love Languages (Buy It, $8,, a book written by family counselor Gary Chapman, Ph.D.

Under the book's framework, each person gives love and prefers to receive it in different ways — ways that are called, yes, "love languages." For example, even though hours-long cuddle sessions, hand holding, and PDA makes you feel adored, your partner may not feel the same way. That's why understanding your personal likes and dislikes— as well as those of your loved ones — can help you "connect more profoundly" with other people, according to the website.

Generally, these preferences can be broken down into five love languages:

  • Acts of Service (doing helpful things)
  • Words of Affirmation (vocalizing support and encouragement)
  • Quality Time (giving or receiving undivided attention)
  • Physical Touch (sharing physical closeness and intimacy)
  • Receiving Gifts (receiving sincere gifts).

Everyone expresses and receives each of these love languages — including to and from romantic partners, friends, family members, and other loved ones — but the one type you use most often is known as your primary love language.

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The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts


Having a solid grasp of your personal love language can not only help you better understand yourself, but it can also help improve your relationships, according to the five love languages website. Put your love language out in the open, and you're more likely to be shown the type of affection you need and deserve. On the same token, learning other people's love languages can teach you how to show them appreciation in ways that'll give them those warm, fuzzy feelings.

The easiest way to do just that? Take this love language quiz, which will help you discover your own primary love language. To get the most out of the love languages system, encourage your S.O., closest friends, family members, and others in your social circle to take the love language quiz themselves and share their results.

Then, turn to this guide to the five love languages to get details on how each love language might manifest IRL and examples of how you can make your loved ones swoon.

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