Venus and Mars — the Planets of Romance and Sex — Will Rock Your Love Life This Spring

As Mars and Venus moves into airy, fiery territory, it could take spring fever to the next level.

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Although 2021 contains some glimmering fragments of light and hope, it's totally understandable if you feel like it hasn't exactly been fertile ground for your sex life. And while gritting your teeth and continuing to hunker down while awaiting that shot in the arm might have a little something to do with it, the planets haven't exactly been helping either. The year kicked off with a slew of celestial bodies — not just most of the personal planets (the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus) but also the transpersonal, outer ones (Jupiter and Saturn) — in air sign Aquarius, which while intellectual and humanitarian, tend to excel at platonic bonds versus steamy ones.

For the last several weeks, the sun and then Venus, the planet of love, have been moving through water sign Pisces. And while this has definitely made for more spiritual and romantic vibes, the sign of the Fish is comfiest in an escapist, dream state that tends to be more heartfelt than hot and bothered.

But March 2021 hosts two sign shifts that could flip the switch on your love and sex life. On March 3, go-getter Mars — the planet of sex as well as energy and action — moved out of slow and steady earth sign Taurus into playful, communicative air sign Gemini. And on March 21, sweet Venus will shift out of Pisces and into dynamic, impulsive Aries. (

Here are the details on how these sign changes could make for a jolt of curious, passionate, spring fever-inducing energy.

Mars (the Planet of Sex) & Venus (the Planet of Love, Romance, and Beauty)

First, a quick 101 on Mars and Venus, which are traditionally considered the planets to look to when you're dealing with all things love and sex.

Named for the god of war, Mars oversees how you take action and pursue your desires, how you experience energy, and how you assert yourself, so it's only natural that it's also the ruler of sex drive. After all, even at its most romantic, sex can be hot and intense, even potentially (consensually) rough, and aggressive. That's Mars for you.

Venus, named for the goddess of love, rules romance and relationships as well as beauty and money. Depending on how it looks in your natal chart, it'll color your love language, and as it moves through the sky from sign to sign, it can set a general tone for how you express what's in your heart in our closest relationships.

What to Expect When Mars Shift Signs

Aggressive Mars spent a seriously long time in competitive, impulsive Aries in 2020, and from January 6 to March 3, it was in slow, steady, grounded, and sensual Taurus. Although you might imagine that could make for some languorous lovemaking sessions, the go-getter planet isn't the most comfortable in the earth sign.

In fact, it's considered to be in "detriment" while traveling through Taurus and Libra. A planet is "in detriment" when it is in a sign that's the opposite of one it rules. So, because Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, it's in detriment in Taurus and Libra. Just like it sounds, being in detriment means that the planet is uncomfortable and in a weakened state while traveling through that sign. (Not to be confused with retrogrades, which is a whole other thing.)

But from March 3 to April 23, the planet of action will move through curious, communicative, multitasking-loving Gemini, bringing a more scattered but excitable vibe to the way you'll get after your goals. One way to imagine Mars' move into this mutable air sign from fixed earth sign Taurus? It might feel a bit like breaking up with that partner who was content to stick with the same exact lovemaking routine and meeting someone who's all about trying different sex positions, reading up on the coolest new sex toys, and is simultaneously researching flights for a steamy summer getaway. Mars in Gemini brings a fun-loving, super talkative, open-minded vibe to sex, potentially leading you to experiment with dirty talk or an off-the-charts sexting session.

What to Expect When Venus Shifts Signs

Up until March 21, romantic Venus will travel through creative, spiritual, empathic Pisces. In the mutable water sign, it's considered to be "exalted," meaning it's at its peak power while doing the business of Venus — bolstering love, romance, money, and beauty.

But from March 21 to April 14, it'll move through fiery, impulsive, youthful cardinal fire sign Aries, bringing a more impulsive, playful, and even impatient feeling to these areas of life.

It also bears noting that Venus is in detriment traveling through Aries. (Venus rules Taurus and Libra, so it's in detriment in Scorpio and Aries.) Nonetheless, the planet's trip through the dynamic fire sign can make for a fun ride.

Venus in Aries could make you less inhibited, more direct, brave, forward, and driven to take action on those romantic fantasies you might've just been musing about during Pisces season. It could also lend itself to an endearingly wide-eyed, fun-loving innocence in matters of the heart, inspiring you to come up with spontaneous plans to go on a day trip with your S.O., jump on a Zoom date with someone you've just matched with, or find that you're ready to move faster than you initially thought you might in your relationship.

What These Planetary Moves Mean for Spring Love

With the planet of love and the planet of sex leaving pragmatic earthbound and emotional water terrain to occupy fiery, passionate, excitable ground, it could feel like the sky is jubilantly kicking off spring fever from March 21 to April 14.

With go-getter Mars in Gemini, sex can become a more intellectual and physical experience. And after months of intense Aries and stubborn Taurus energy, it could also feel freeing and weightless, opening you up to laugh, play, and express yourself to your heart's content whenever and if ever the moment strikes. If something doesn't feel like it's doing the trick, it'll be onto the next fantasy or flirty text.

Meanwhile, Venus in Aries could make for sassy, speedy flirting, dating, and falling in love. The fiery debate in which one party ends up super satisfied that they got the last word could set the stage for sparks to fly. And date nights will be simple, spontaneous, lighthearted, and maybe even athletic versus meticulously planned or set in stone.

The Hottest Days to Circle on the Calendar

On March 21, a harmonious trine between assertive Mars in curious Gemini and serious Saturn in progressive Aquarius will magnify perseverance and passion, not to mention your sex drive.

On March 26, the confident sun will pair up with Venus in dynamic Aries, turning up the volume on self-expression, affection, creativity, and romance.

On April 10, sweet Venus forms a friendly sextile to expansive Jupiter, boosting luck, attractiveness, social opportunities, and the ability to show how you feel between the sheets.

Maressa Brown is a writer and astrologer with more than 15 years of experience. In addition to being Shape's resident astrologer, she contributes to InStyle, Parents,, and more. Follow her Instagram and Twitter at @MaressaSylvie

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