Your presidential candidate of choice may have more to do with your love life than you think

By Samantha Lefave
February 28, 2016

Oh, election years. Whenever they roll around, it seems like the candidates are all you hear about-on TV, all over Facebook, and now even in the bedroom. Yep, you read that right: Who you vote for is directly connected to your sexual preferences, according to Match's sixth annual Singles in America study. (Who Are the Healthiest Presidential Candidates?)

Don't blow us off just yet-this bout of research is a comprehensive national study of more than 5,500 American singles, based on findings from the U.S. Census. And as it turns out, the passion you have for politics carries over to the bedroom. The study found that those who are invested in political issues have better sex, have 13 percent more orgasms, and are 32 percent more likely to experience multiple orgasms. (Fun facts, Match also found that 23 percent of women would make out with Marco Rubio, 36 percent of single women would "ghost" Donald Trump after a date, and 11 percent of singles would choose Bernie Sanders as a wingman.)

Even more: While talking politics used to be a bit of a social faux pas (it never really seemed sexy to drill someone on whether they're Democratic or Republican), singles today would rather find out their differences on big issues sooner than later. (Related: Here's How to Be a Better Leader.) Plus, the study found that having a good discussion on any political issue can boost your chances of a second date by 91 percent. On the flip side? Twenty-five percent say not being registered to vote is a deal-breaker. (Read: Go register to vote!)

There were also some interesting trends when it came to the sex lives of Trump supporters vs. Clinton supporters:

If you support Hillary Clinton

You take a little longer to warm up to the people you meet, and you're certainly not going to bed with someone on a first date. In fact, 2,133 percent (that's not a typo) of Hill fans expect no physical contact on that first one-on-one. And you're not going out with just anyone! Whoever is deemed worthy enough of a date is someone you have serious interest in. You're 38 percent more likely than Trump fans to wait for the right person (and are actively looking for commitment), and 65 percent of you are interested in having children.

Oh, and sushi is your fave. The study found that Hillary supporters who are taken out for the Japanese go-to are 126 percent more likely to say yes to going out again. You love dates that linger, too: 81 percent of you like ordering after-dinner drinks-especially if they lead to a conversation about marriage or, you guessed it, anything political. (Not sure what else to say? Here are 9 Topics to Avoid and the #1 Way to Make Him Fall Hard.)

If you support Donald Trump

Let's just say you're a little more, err, risque than Hillary supporters. What we mean: You're 99 percent more likely to film yourself during sex-and you tend to get busy on the first date way more often than your Hillary-supporting counterparts. You're also 116 percent more likely to discuss your exes, and you probably have a handful of 'em. The study found that 54 percent of Trump advocates have five or more former flames. (Our advice? Don't bring up the sexual fantasies you and your last guy crossed off the to-do list.)

As for the date itself, first impressions are big for you. You're 122 percent more likely to say yes to date number two if he takes you to an expensive restaurant-especially if you dig into sushi or Middle Eastern cuisine (go figure)-and have a meaningful conversation about anything political. And hopefully, he goes in for the kiss: 62 percent of you want a second date after having a first date makeout. (Bonus: 5 Scientifically-Proven Ways Kissing Makes You Healthy.)


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