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Millionaire Matchmaker Star Patti Stanger on What (Not) to Wear on a First Date

First Date Fashion Dos and Don'ts

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There are enough reasons to feel nervous before going on a first date—deciding
what to wear shouldn’t be one of them. We asked Patti Stanger, star of Bravo’s The
Millionaire Matchmaker
and the new DVD Married in a Year, for her tried-and-true tips on how to pick the perfect first-impression ensemble.

First Date Fashion Tips: DO Keep Accessories Simple

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One piece is ideal. Too much and you’ll seem high maintenance.

First Date Fashion Tips: DON'T Forget the Details

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Apply a tooth whitening strip while getting ready and a spritz of perfume before walking out the door. A pretty smile and flirty scent will work wonders.

First Date Fashion Tips: DO Strap on Stilettos

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Opt for pointy heels over flats—they elongate your legs and look sexy.

First Date Fashion Tips: DON'T Go too Casual

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Unless you’re going bowling on your date, slip on a nice dress. You may think jeans and a T-shirt make you look like the girl next door, but guys appreciate it when you put a little effort in.

First Date Fashion Tips: DO Wear Red

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The eye-catching color is a favorite of guys. If you can’t pull off the bold hue, your next best option is the ever classic (and slimming) black.

First Date Fashion Tips: DON'T Pull Your Hair Back

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Keep your locks long and free—men like to imagine running their fingers through it.


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