Major relationship advice here: Your love life isn't all about how often you get it on
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While it may seem fairly obvious that simply getting busy more often with your S.O. doesn't necessarily mean greater relationship quality (if only it were that simple!), studies have long found more sex to equal more happiness. But now, thanks to new research, there's one major caveat: While getting frisky more often does make you happier, you'll be just as happy after one sex sesh per week as you would after four. (While we're at it, see 10 Sex Mistakes Screwing You Up in the Sack.)

Published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, the study is based on surveys of more than 30,000 couples in the U.S., and it's the first to find that one time per week is all you need to reap those happiness benefits! Surprisingly, there was no difference in the findings based on gender, age, or how long the couples had been married, explained lead researcher and social psychologist, Amy Muise, Ph.D, in the press release. (So men don't want sex more than women? Minds blown.)

However, the link held true only for those in romantic relationships. Why might that be? Well, for single folks, the connection between sex and happiness is dependent on tons of factors, like the context of the relationship in which the sex occurs (are you friends with benefits? A one-night stand?) and how comfortable you are with sex outside of a relationship. Basically, as any single person can tell you: It's complicated, and therefore pretty impossible to make any conclusions when it comes to frequency of sex and well-being.

The takeaway? Yes, sex is important in maintaining an intimate connection with your partner, but you don't need to do it every day as long as you're doing the deed once a week. And, of course, communication is always key, so bookmark this guy before you proceed: 7 Conversations You Must Have for a Healthy Sex Life.