The Most Popular Moment for Dating Sites & Online Love

Thinking of dating online? and PlentyOfFish share the exact time you'll have the most options of mates

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Looking for your love online? Today may be your lucky day-or tonight, to be more precise: 8:52 p.m. on the first Sunday of the year is the busiest day of the year for dating online, according to data from (Find out What He Really Thinks About Your Online Dating Profile.)

The busiest time actually kicks off Christmas Day (when your family and friends' incessant "You'll find someone soon"s finally get to you, we presume) and lasts until February 14 (when the most fun day of being a couple has passed). During this seven-week period, sees a 30 percent increase in signups.

It takes men about 10 weeks to meet their special someone on a site, and eight weeks for women to do the same. But January seems to be the sweet spot, since those who decide to log on this month will be 15 percent more likely to match compared to all the other months of the year, the online dating giant reports.

But it's not just that will be bursting at the seams with potential soulmates today: PlentyOfFish is also anticipating record traffic today, although their lovebirds are also early birds-their clicks will likely peak at 5 p.m. (Which site should you sign up for? Everything you need to know before you choose: Online Dating Websites Decoded.)

Now you know when to click, but do you know who to click on? Pictures offer more information than just how cute they are, after all. Check out How to Analyze Online Dating Profile Pictures: Who's a Keeper? And when the clock strikes 10 (or 6, depending on your site of choice) and your inbox is full, be sure you're up on the dos and don'ts of virtual romance: 7 Tips for Online Dating.

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