The "Vulvarine" is about to be the Abbi to your Ilana.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: August 10, 2017

The Broad City babes (Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, the show's creators and co-stars) aren't the first to talk about real-life sex on TV (hi, Sex and the City, Girls, etc.). But their no-apologies, no-filter attitude and exploits around NYC on Comedy Central are setting a whole new standard for sexual freedom on mainstream media. They've tackled serious topics like sexual fluidity and gender roles, as well as things like peeing out condoms, all in their first three seasons. Translation: They're killing the comedy-meets-sexual-wokeness game.

So the next step, of course, is to launch a sex toy line. That's right-Broad City is about to gift you with season 4 of their antics (out September 13) and they've also #blessed you with everything you need for a lifetime of unlimited Os.

Broad City teamed up with Lovehoney, the adult brand behind the 50 Shades of Grey sex toy line, to create the Lovehoney Official Broad City Pleasure Collection. (BTW, LoveHoney also released this survey that shows summer is the literal hottest time to get it on.)

But this isn't your usual lineup of vibes and fuzzy handcuffs; every product screams "Broad City" from "The Vulvarine" rabbit vibrator and "Dr. Wiz" wand vibrator to the secret lipstick vibe (bright blue, to match Ilana's fave stand-out shade) and "Pegasus" pegging kit (complete with briefs emblazoned with a "peg like a queen" booty decal) inspired by Abbi's pegging adventures in episode 4, season 2. There's also the "Yas Kween" bullet vibrator, the "Respect Your Dick" love ring, "Man on a Mission" masturbation egg (cause dudes like a good toy too), "Ass of an Angel" butt plug, "Mind My Vagina" lubricant, and even more for sale on Lovehoney's website.

The fit-girl MVP, however, is the set of "Nature's Pocket Kegel Balls," a connected string of two 1.25-ounce kegel balls designed to help you tone that pelvic floor (which, BTW is important for scoring better Os and keeping bladder leaks at bay during exercise, among other things). They're designed to give you a solid vag workout while providing a little bit of pleasure too. And get this: The individual balls even unscrew so you can take the weight out and use the space to store stuff. (Peep the finale episode of season 3 for a little inspo from Ilana on that front.)

"We're really excited to have this line of pleasure products," said Ilana and Abbi, in a statement. "We love that Broad City's sex positivity carries into real life with these products, and we hope the world enjoys them."

The products are super high quality (waterproof, silicone, and all that jazz) but you don't have to be baller to get yourself off like a boss babe. The whole line is priced at Broad City standards (so you can afford them even if you're tempted to rent your apartment out on Airbnb and sleep in a tent on your roof for extra cash, à la Abbi and Ilana). The basics start around $13 and work up to $80, max.



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