Nix cramps, no pills required? Sign us up

"Aunt Flo" might sound innocent enough, but any girl who's ever had period cramps knows she can be one vicious relative. That gut-wrenching pain can make you nauseous, exhausted, cranky, and popping anti-inflammatories like candy. One new device aims to break you of the pain pill habit for good by promising to, quite literally, switch off menstrual cramps.

Livia, which is asking for support from investors on Indiegogo, calls itself "the off switch for menstrual pain." It's an electrical device that you attach to your abdomen with gel stickers; when turned on, it sends tiny pulses through your skin to "disrupt" the nerves that send pain signals from your brain. Bari Kaplan, Ph.D., of Women's Hospital Beilinson, a medical advisor for the Livia production team, explains that it's based on science called "gate control theory."

"The idea is to close the 'pain gates.' The device stimulates the nerves, making it impossible for pain to pass," Kaplan says on the brand's crowdfunding page, adding that Livia's clinical studies show the gadget really helps. And it works its magic without any medication or side effects, according to Kaplan. (Why Is Everyone So Obsessed with Periods Right Now?) Early users rave about how tiny and discreet is, saying it can be used to provide pain relief anywhere.

Livia's campaign has more than met its monetary goal, and the company will begin shipping the product in October 2016. Retail cost is $149, but if you pre-order via their site, it's only $85. No more cramps, ever? That's well worth the money.