Phone vibration apps really do exist. Here, your options...and the sex toys you should probably just buy instead.

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If you've ever been away from home when the mood strikes (and don't want to ~have a go~ the old-fashioned way), you've maybe looked at your phone like, "could I?!" Suddenly, that little high-tech rectangle doesn't just keep you plugged in but also has the potential to, well, get you off.

And you're not the only one wondering: Literally thousands of people search "phone vibrator app" on Google every month and, as a result, there's a decent selection of vibration apps on the iOS and Google Play app stores—a few of which have upwards of 20K reviews, so you know people are actually using them!!

But, considering what we know about phones and germs, putting your phone near your vag doesn't seem like the best idea. (Ahem: Never Put These Things Near Your Vagina either.)

"While you certainly can use your phone as a vibrator, especially if you encase it in a condom or use it over your clothes, why would you want to when there are really affordable products that are specifically designed for genital stimulation?" says Stephanie Trachtenberg, a spokeswoman for PlusOne, a sexual wellness brand that offers toys at Target. (If cost or availability is the issue, know this: Not only can you grab a toy at Target, but you can buy sex toys and vibrators on Amazon for under $20. Hellooo, two-day shipping!)

In a real pinch and want to give it a try? Consider washing the hell out of your phone before and after, cover it with a condom, and/or use it over your clothes with one of the apps below. (Or maybe just buy a travel vibrator.)

Phone Vibration Apps for Women

iVibe: The iVibe Vibrating Massager app pegs itself as "The first! The best!" vibrating iPhone app with, apparently, over a million downloads. Reviewers say the app—which has a screen locking feature, different vibe patterns, and screen animations—is more of a "gentle tickling as opposed to a full-on vibration... [but] did enough to make me a believer." Interest piqued.

iMassage U Vibrating Massager: This ~sleek~ black and red phone vibration app has 10 different patterns, a two-finger-tap on/off feature, and is the first vibration app to support integration with the Apple Watch. (Who knew crude vibe tech could be so high-tech?!) One reviewer candidly wrote that the iMassage U Vibrating Massager app is "better than the real thing." A stretch? Maybe, but also free.

BuruExtreme Vibrating Massager: This really, really simple vibration phone apps doesn't mess around. The BuruExtreme Vibrating Massager has simple on/off buttons, allows you to change the speed, and offers a random vibration function, but that's about it. One reviewer wrote, "I know this isn't for what I used it for but it works on giving u orgasms sooooo"—'nuff said.

Legit Sex Toys with Vibration Apps

Want to upgrade your solo sex life with an actual sex toy or hand over the reins to someone else via a remote control app? These are the best sex toys that you can control with phone vibration apps for hands-free or long-distance stimulation.

We-Vibe: We-Vibe offers the We Connect app so you (or a partner!) can control your vibe via phone. (Plus, there are other perks like video and text chatting in-app and the ability to save custom vibration "playlists.") They offer a whopping 10 app-enabled vibes for every type of stimulation: Try the Pivot cock ring ($109) or the Sync ($199) for hands-free stimulation that you can wear during sex, or opt for the Nova (rabbit-style, $149), Rave (g-spot, $119), or Wish (external broad clit vibe) for solo play.

Mystery Vibe Crescendo: The MysteryVibe Crescendo ($150) is pegged as the "World’s Most Advanced Luxury Vibrator" and is also designed for unisex pleasure. It's completely bendable to suit your preferences and made with body-safe silicone—and, of course, can be controlled by the MysteryVibe app.

Lionness: If you're obsessed with your FitBit, this is the remote control vibrator for you. The Lioness ($229) is a rabbit-style vibe that actually tracks your solo sessions and orgasms via force sensors that gauge your vaginal contractions. Bonus: It has a super quiet motor so you can be hands-free and noise-free.

Vibease: The Bluetooth Vibease ($89) vibe and Esthesia rabbit ($107) and app comes with steamy audiobooks that the toy vibrates in sync with. Yes, really. It also allows you to send vibrations, text and voice message, and video chat with a partner in the app.

OhMiBod: OhMiBod offers nine different app-controlled vibes that range from a smart, vibrating Kegel toy to music vibes that actually vibe in sync with music. The options (and orgasms) are endless.


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