And, more importantly, should you even attempt it?
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Is there no end to the sexual acrobatics you've subjected yourself to in the quest to be good at sex? "Acrobatics are the key to being a sexual maven," says every outdated sex book or web story available. "You must be able to contort yourself into a bent pretzel while making loud moaning sounds of pleasure in order to impress."

I'm rolling my eyes out of my head right now, are you?

Nowhere is this (depressingly) common sentiment more true than with the so-called piledriver sex position. If the name makes it sound extremely uncomfortable, well, you'd be correct. This position — named after the eponymous piece of construction equipment, which is responsible for drilling giant holes in the ground — is an advanced sex position that requires endurance, core strength, and inversions. It is not a joke. "This is one of those sex positions that [you see] in porn, but have never heard of anyone doing IRL," says Zachary Zane, a sex expert for Lovehoney. "Frankly, it looks dangerous and uncomfortable."

And that is coming from a bonafide expert. Phew.

The question to ask is: Is this position worth trying if you really want to? Or is it just another ridiculous creation designed to "wow" in theory, but not in practice? An investigation! Let's do it.

What On Earth Is the Piledriver Sex Position?
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What Is the Piledriver Position, Exactly?

The piledriver sex position is also known as the jackhammer. It is, without a doubt, extremely challenging for each participant involved.

How does it work? "The receiver is upside down, resting all their weight on their shoulders (and neck)," explains certified sex educator Elle Chase. (Think: A shoulder stand in yoga.) "Their legs are bent forward all the way over their torso (toes touching the floor/bed/ground, if possible). The giver stands/squats above the receiver and lowers themselves to enter the receiver. The giver then mimics the motion of a jackhammer thrusting up and down during penetration."

If your face currently resembles the grimace face emoji, you're certainly not alone. This position is… a lot.

PILE DRIVER sex position

Is It Even Doable? Or Pleasurable?

Technically speaking, it is doable. Chase says you can probably make it work if "you're flexible, patient, and don't have a history of neck, back, or knee problems."

But in all honesty, as a certified sex educator myself, the idea of needing to give advice like this at all makes me nervous as all hell. "Don't assume you can pull this off like a porn star. Those folks are trained athletes," adds Chase.

As for whether it's enjoyable, well, pleasure is subjective and so some people may enjoy this position and find it pleasurable. If all bodies involved are "perfectly matched up and aligned," the piledriver sex position can be good for super-deep penetration, says Zane. As far as perks, the thing that stands out is the versatility of this position. It can be done with any body, utilizing vaginal or anal penetration. It is also a position that doesn't require partners to be face-to-face, making it more of a get-it-and-go position, rather than one that prioritizes intimacy. So, if that's what you're looking for, maybe you'll love it.

All in all, it's really not a position that focuses on pleasure; it's more of a bucket-list position you may want to try just for fun or because it seems enticing. The reality is that it's likely not very comfortable and does come with some risk of injury. "Proceed with caution," warns Chase.

But a quick disclaimer: If you're doing this for the street cred — which, LBH, is probably one of the reasons you may want to do the piledriver sex position — remember that's not what good sex is really about. It doesn't need to be about setting acrobatic goals and trying every single crazy thing you see on a tube site. Sex should be about one thing and one thing only: Pleasure.

For some people, the act of trying something difficult, super sexy (at least according to some societal messaging), or taboo is arousing in itself — even if, physically, there isn't much pleasurable stimulation going on. If you absolutely get off on being a bendy wizard who can handle any thigh burn the world throws at you, you do you, and go for it. (Related: The 2 Types of Sexual Desire Will Help You Understand Your Libido)

The Position to Do Instead

Since this position isn't the safest or most pleasurable, instead try the "Over-the-Shoulder Leg Holder" instead. (It's sort of like the Butterly Sex Position, but no one is standing.) This position is set up sort of like missionary, but the receiver's legs are placed over the giver's shoulders. As they penetrate, the giver can lean forward, putting pleasurable pressure on the receiver's internal clitoris (if they have one). For a slightly different approach, the giver can remain more upright and also lift the receiver's hips. Either of these variations feels kind of creative and intense, but are really just amazing for deep penetration and easy for anyone to do — but no acrobatics required. (Next up: The Best Sex Positions for Women Who Like Clitoral Stimulation)