Who knew sexual health could be this cool? Drake would be proud.

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
Updated: February 29, 2016

It's rare when a spoof video ends up being better than the original but the teens at Planned Parenthood NYC may have done just that with their spot-on revamp of Hotline Bling. (Sorry, Drake.) Not that there's anything wrong with the original anthem to booty calls, but these kids take the sexy song and make it all about sexual health instead. (Could Spray-On Condoms Catch on for Safe Sex?)

The song starts out eerily similar to the blue-lit original before cooly instructing, "Before you go on your date, text this number today (77948)," in an effort to get teens and young adults to hit up Planned Parenthood before having sex. And not only isn't the perfect balance between mimicry and parody, it's so catchy that even I know the number for Planned Parenthood NYC now, and I don't even live in New York.

But the real message of the video is about education-in the coolest, chillest, funniest way possible. "Please take care of yourself, it ain't on nobody else," croons a young man as he dances past a line of texting teens. "Ever since you left the center, you started taking care of yourself now." Considering that the majority of teens don't learn about sexual health until after they're already sexually active, this is an incredibly important message.

He also manages to add all the types of services that Planned Parenthood offers-birth control, wellness exams, pregnancy counseling, STD testing-without making it sound dorky or clinical.

It ends with what may be the most important thing to teens seeking out sex ed: "We take your privacy seriously / we take care of your health / no, we won't tell nobody else."

And then he makes it rain...condoms. Perfection.



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