People are holding their pee to experience "mini orgasms". Here's what an ob-gyn has to say.

By People
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Sometimes it's just not possible to use the bathroom-a long road trip, a wedding ceremony, a work meeting-and you've got to hold it in. But when you finally do get a chance to pee it's a relief-so much so that people are purposely holding in their bladders to feel a "peegasm" sensation.

A Reddit thread went viral after the original poster asked if anyone gets "mini orgasms from peeing after holding it in?" Dozens of other users responded with their own experiences, with one saying it "feels like a sensational whole body massage."

People Health Squad member Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., a board-certified ob-gyn at Yale University School of Medicine, says it's certainly possible that releasing urine after a long period of time leads to a stimulation of pelvic nerves.

"I think that's certainly a possibility," Dr. Minkin tells People. "It could feel like an orgasmic response." But there are also minor-but potential-health hazards from holding it in, she adds.

"I'm all for something that makes people feel good, but not if there are some harmful effects," says Dr. Minkin. Much like staying in a wet bathing suit or sweaty workout clothes, waiting to pee can cause a yeast infection.

"If there's an infection brewing and you're not voiding frequently to get rid of the bugs that are potentially in the bladder, that's certainly a potential issue." Waiting to use the bathroom can also alter the bladder musculature, but overall, "holding it for an extra 30 minutes is not going to be a big problem."

Still, Dr. Minkin says she can't recommend anything that could cause a health issue. "Since there are these potential issues, why not have an orgasm through a better way?" she says. "Have sex, or use a vibrator. Why not use something like that instead of waiting for your bladder to bust?"

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