Find your bae and a gym buddy.

By Lauren Mazzo
February 14, 2017

Finding a partner you connect with can feel harder than snagging a free treadmill during rush hour. Or securing a pair of Nikes on sale that are exactly your size. Or locating the other 10-pound dumbbell in a sea of 20-pound-ers. Sigh. That doesn't mean we're all going to be single forever and ever. (But hey, being in a relationship with the gym may be better than being in one with a human.)

The best place to find your swolemate might be where you wear the least makeup, put in the least effort toward socializing, and usually have all your focus on #selfcare: the gym.

Nearly half of Americans believe the gym is a great place to connect with people, and 25 percent have thought about dating someone they saw or met at the gym, according to a survey commissioned by Blink Fitness and conducted by Harris Poll. And it does work: According to that survey, 6 percent of Americans have actually met a significant other at a gym.

Biceps Gym Dating

So yeah, aside from weight loss, your general health, and all those other awesome benefits of exercise, you can now add "meeting your future bae" to the list of reasons to hit the gym. And, BTW, the rest of America agrees this is pretty good motivation: About one-third of Americans say the possibility of meeting someone would motivate them to go to the gym, according to the survey. (Who doesn't want to be #fitcouplegoals?)

And if you're already coupled up, give gym dates a shot. Nearly half of Americans say working out with their SO has made them feel closer. (Plus, working out with a buddy has a whole bunch of perks and it'll help you negate the weight gain that could happen from relationships.)

No sparks flying over the free weights? Don't worry-these cute Tinder love stories prove online dating is worth a go. And before you start mentally swiping right on the girls or guys in your gym, uh, maybe check out these gym dating horror stories for examples of what not to do.