Oh, what a difference a year makes! In last December's survey, the majority of you reported having sex three or more times a week, and more than half described it as "good" or "great." But this year, both the frequency and quality of your trysts have dropped off. (No surprise: A bleak job market and an unpredictable Dow aren't exactly turn-ons.) See what 3,200 Shape and Men's Fitness readers had to say about their love life in these financially unstable times.

- Half of the men and women surveyed reported feeling more stressed now than at the start of the recession, and a quarter of women said the economic downturn made them feel helpless or depressed. When it comes to action in the bedroom, one in six women and one in seven men admitted to fretting about finances while in the sack.

- Women are having sex 17 percent more often than the average guy.

- Twice as many women as men say they're having mind-blowing sex.

- More than 20 percent of women will still splurge on sexy lingerie these days; 43 percent said toys, like vibrators, keep things spicy.

- Exercise was the top way to relieve stress for both genders. For women, having sex was their sixth choice, after hobbies, eating, hanging out with friends and drinking. Sex came in fourth for guys. About 41 percent of women would give up other things before cutting back on gym memberships, trainer fees and workout gear.

- More than one in three women are having sex at least three times every week. Not quite one in four men (only 28 percent) are doing the same.

For more results--and to find out what you can do to keep your libido on the money--check out the December issue of Shape, on newsstands now.