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Sex Survey Results: Is Your (High Tech) Sex Life Normal?

Sex Education: The State of Your Unions

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With texts, tweets, and Facebook feeds invading your bedroom, it's a romantic battlefield out there. That's why SHAPE teamed up with the guys at Men's Fitness to find out exactly how all this technology is affecting your sex life. The good news? Nearly 50 percent of you reported your business between the sheets has never been better. The bad? Read on …

Facts of Your Sex Life: We're Living in Stalker Nation

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Thanks to sites like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, you've got high-quality surveillance tools at your disposal, and you're definitely not shy about using them. Around 81 percent of you refuse to de-friend your ex on Facebook, and 75 percent admit to placing them under near-constant monitoring. The downside? They also know that you just checked in at Chipotle. Again.

Facts of Your Sex Life: The Other Women

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Why stop at your exes? 72 percent of you also put your current boyfriend's former flames on your watch list … just in case they, you know, go on a better vacation, get a cooler haircut, or have a cuter niece than you. (And by the way, Mark Zuckerberg, this was all WAY easier before you upgraded the privacy settings!).

Facts of Your Sex Life: It's Kind of the Least We'd Expect, But …

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More than 85 percent of men say that, if forced to choose, they would rather get all cuddly with you after sex than check their phone or surf the web. (There was, however, a write-in campaign for ESPN-viewing and Xbox playing while spooning).

Facts of Your Sex Life: Good Call

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Defying all those alpha-female stereotypes, 87 percent of you would ignore a text message or ringing phone during sex, and 7 percent would simply reach over to silence the offending cell. As for the 6 percent of you who would stop to answer it or glance to see who's calling … they have 12-step programs for that.

Facts of Your Sex Life: First the Post-It, Now This!

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More than 50 percent of you say you've been broken up with—or done the heartbreaking yourselves—via text message. Which, we're guessing, is only slightly less soul crushing than the time we got dumped on Twitter, #it'snotyouit'sme.

Facts of Your Sex Life: You Call That Foreplay?

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Nearly 60 percent of guys say flirting over Facebook, Gchat, and text messages helps them get you into bed sooner. Proving yet again that there's no such thing as an innocent Poke.

Facts of Your Sex Life: The Tiger Effect

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Yeah, yeah, he's achieved all that golf stuff, but we'd really like to give Mr. Woods a hand for launching the sexting phenomenon. A whopping 70 percent of you are now proudly sending saucy messages, but unlike our fallen hero, you're at least wise enough to save the R-rated stuff for your partner.

Facts of Your Sex Life: Newsflash! Men Hornier than Women

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When asked, "Would you rather give up your cell phone or sex for a year?", nearly 80 percent of men said they'd kick their mobiles to the curb in a heartbeat. For the ladies, however, it was a closer contest, with a brutally honest 39 percent voting for the phone.

Facts of Your Sex Life: Ready for Your Close-Up?

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About 10 percent of women and men have had Skype sex, and another 20 percent of men and 10 percent of women are dying to give it a try. Just a piece of friendly advice before you dive in, though: You may want to book that bikini wax first. (Kinda makes you miss the low-maintenance days of phone sex, huh?)

Facts of Your Sex Life: Promise Us You'll Use Protection!

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It may be time to update those computer anti-virus settings, because 50 percent of SHAPE readers say they watch porn online. And 82 percent of you don't mind if your guy watches it without you—leaving 18 percent of you who are absolutely furious if you miss a single frame.

Facts of Your Sex Life: Your Dirty Little Secret

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Almost 30 percent of you have joined a dating website at some point, but more than half of you who met your boyfriend online won't admit that fact to other people. Because "in a bar" is so much closer to the Jane Austen ideal …

Facts of Your Sex Life: And the Blind Optimism Award Goes to …

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It only takes one month for most of you to change your relationship status on Facebook when you start a new relationship. Which means—regardless of the tech revolution—the most important thing remains the same: you've still got faith in love. Check out the results of last year's sex survey to find out if your sex life is recession proof.


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