Give yourself a little something to look forward to with one of these sex toy subscription services.

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Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage. These days, you can sign up for regular deliveries of anything from pet toys to lingerie to makeup. There's even an option that'll have pleasure-seekers yipping moaning with glee: Sex toy subscription boxes.

Each of these sex boxes are designed to help you pleasure your (ahem) box. (And also: your balls, breasts, butt hole, and more). Suitable for singles as well as people who are partnered or multi-partnered, these monthly (and quarterly) packages are a super cost-effective way to get yours. "The main benefit of any subscription box is that you're saving money, and that stands for sex subscription boxes, too," says sex educator Carly S., founder of Dildo or Dildon't, a pleasure product review and sex education platform. Averaging between $50 and $100 per month, these sex boxes save you up to $100 per month, which adds up to over $1,000 per year.

Cost aside, these sex toy monthly subscription boxes may also push you to try new toys you wouldn't think of trying otherwise, says Carly S. "You might end up trying something you'd never walk into a store and buying, and loving it," she says. For example, if you have experience with bullet vibrators, you might gravitate towards those little guys every time you head to a sex toy shop, snoozing on larger vibrators like wands in the process. Likewise, maybe you're a strap-on sex fiend and find yourself perusing the dildo display for yet another suction-cup dildo when you could be learning about the bliss of butt plugs.

Given that the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, another benefit of a sex toy subscription box is that it help you get access to new sex toys without requiring that you hit up your local sex shop #bless.

Convinced to sign up for one (or two 😈) sex toy subscription boxes? Now you just need to figure out which. Below, a round-up of the seven best sex toy subscription boxes. (Related: The 10 Best Sex Toys to Buy Right Now, According to a Sex Therapist)

Best Box Overall: Organic Loven Boxes

The Organic Loven boxes are to sex toy subscriptions what Shane from The L Word is to all her lovers: Tops. (LOL.) That said, the brand offers a few different types of sex boxes. The "Tease Me Box" is a great option for first-time sex toy users, as well as people juuust dipping their toe into the wonderful world of vibrators. Each box contains one vibe, then a few travel-sized lube packages and barriers (such as condoms or dental dams). The "Indulge Me Box" is best for intermediate and advanced sex toy users who are down to (nay, amped to) try a new rabbit vibrator, butt plug, massage wands, or suction toy. Each box contains a luxe toy plus a few full-sized sex aids and an erotica text. Finally, "The Try Me Box" is for people who have no freaking idea what sex toy, lube, or condoms to buy. Each box contains a sampling of each, helping you gather intel on WTF your sex drawer is missing.

Price: $55 to $198, every month or every three months

Best Box for Couples: Spicy Box

There's a reason Spicy Box is named as such: It was made for people looking to (cough, cough) spice up their sex life. Each box contains sex tips, sexy underwear, date night ideas, and perfume. With one, three, and six month frequency options and at just around $50 per month, this sex box is a great way to give date night a makeover. For an additional $15 per month, Spicy Box will also throw in a toy.

The target audience for this box is someone who's looking to zhuzh up their sex life on date night, one scented candle, and lace thong at a time. That said, you don't necessarily have to be dating anyone to enjoy the contents. (Related: The 12 Main Types of Sex Toys — and What to Expect from Each)

Price: $50 to $54 every month or every three or six months

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Best Bang for Your Buck: The Big Oh! Box

Go ahead, give this company some kudos for their freaktastic name. It'll allow you to choose from one of seven different pleasure themes before each shipment. Then, the brand sends five to nine items your way. The first month you might choose the G-spot theme, for example, and receive a rabbit vibrator, lube, massage candle, and other goodies. And the next month you could opt for the anal option, and get to delight in a butt plug, string of anal beads, quality lube for anal sex, and more. Before you ask: Yes, they pack their goodies discreetly.

Price: $109 every three months

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Best for Queer Folks: Seductive Pleasure Box

Finally, A sex box with queer people in mind. Behold: The Seductive Pleasure Box.

Here, you get to choose whether you're single or coupled, and then what the gender make-up of your relationship is, if you have a partner. Every box contains a mix of toys, bondage and kink gear, and sex liquids (lubes, oils, lotions, etc). The only downside is that this is technically a one-time purchase sex toy box, not a subscription option. Sigh. (Related: Read This If You've Ever Worried That You're "Not Queer Enough")

Price: $40 to $50, delivered once

Best for Women: Heart and Honey

Heart and Honey is the Tinder of sex toy subscription boxes. Meaning, this baby is all about giving you options. When you sign up, you choose whether you want to receive a box every month, every three months, or every six months. Then, you choose between three different types of boxes: Bumble Bee, Queen Bee, and Couples.

The basic option, Bumble Bee, comes with one sex toy and two to three sexcesssories (think: lube, arousal oil, massage oil, and scented spray). The Queen Bee option is similar, but the sex toy is more luxury (e.g. the $65 Nalone Cici Metal Vibrator) and it comes with three to five premium accessories. And the Couples option includes a toy specifically for couples, for example a wearable vibrator, panty vibrator, or vibrating cock ring. ICYWW, if you choose the Couples option, you get to specify whether you're in a female/male relationship or female/female relationship. Cheers to queer-inclusive boxes!

Price: $55 to $129 delivered every month or every three or six months

Most Luxury Box: Luxe Beaver Box

Don't let the rodent-inspired name fool you. This sex box is as high-end as it gets. Every box contains goodies from brands like Lelo, Maude, High On Love, and Calexotics.

While this is another one-time sex box and not a sex toy subscription box, it's worth checking out if you're looking for a good deal on high-end pleasure products. Valued at $225, this box costs just $165, saving you at least $60. Just think of all the other intimate gear you could buy with those savings.

Price: $165, delivered once

Best Box for Kinksters: Kink Crate

If you've been wanting to explore kinkier play since the Fifty Shades movie debuted, Kink Crate is the sex toy subscription service for you. (Related: What's the Difference Between a Fantasy, Kink, and Fetish?)

Designed for people at all different stages in their kink journey, as well as singles, couples, and throuples, Kink Crate will ship you everything from handcuffs and blindfolds to floggers and ropes. Each kinky sex box also comes with a set of instructions and sex tips so you can play as safely as possible. Yee-haw!

Price: $60 to $70 every month or every three or six months

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