Who says Valentine's Day is for couples? Forget cupid this year and indulge in these solo pursuits, compliments of SHAPE staffers and Facebook fans. Whether you're a V-Day cynic or just "between boyfriends," we have a fun Valentine's Day idea for you that doesn't involve raw cookie dough or burning your ex's picture-not that we're against that if it makes you happy!

Play matchmaker. One Valentine's Day I went to a party where only singles were invited. Every girl had to bring a single guy and every guy had to bring a single girl. There was a lot of matchmaking going on!

-Alice Oglethorpe, Senior Lifestyle Editor

Enjoy some puppy love. This Valentine's Day I'm going to volunteer at a dog shelter and lap up all the puppy love they want to give me.

-Valerie Leo, Facebook post

Give and get. I make my friends and family Valentine's Day goodie bags. Then I buy myself a pair of Nike shoes from their Nike Valentine's Day women's collection!

-Mary L. Sarkissian , Facebook post

Sigh with relief. On Valentine's Day I am grateful that I'm single! When you're in a relationship, there is just too much pressure to have the most magical night ever. When you're single there is no pressure at all, and usually it will be better than you expect.

-Heidi Irene Hinkka, Facebook post

Dig in. This year, Valentine's Day is on a Monday night and I'm in between boyfriends, so I'll probably hang out with two guys who love my thighs-Ben & Jerry's.

-Kimberly Daly, SHAPE Staff Writer

Go back in time. One Valentine's Day I went to a dinner theater with a group of friends-girls and guys. It was set in the prohibition era, and at the end they re-enacted the St. Valentine's Day massacre in Chicago. Sounds gross, but it was so much fun.

-Lisa Brickson, Midwest Advertising Director

Rev your engine. One Valentine's Day I went to a Supercross race...nothing says stag like motorcycle racing.

-Anjelica Keeblar Rae, Facebook post

Get the word out. I celebrate 'Singles Awareness Day'.

-Wendy Maurer, Facebook post

Take a trip. My favorite single-girl Valentine's Day was when I went to Las Vegas with a bunch of friends. My theory is if you go away with other single people over Valentine's Day, there's less focus on couples and more focus on FUN!

-Jessica McCourt, Account Director

Appreciate what you've got. I get Valentine's Day flowers from my dad and cards from my friends-because it's all about love in every relationship, right?

-Mallory Crevling, Editorial Assistant

Roll with it. Be thankful for those that have found the one. It's all good!

-Brighty Kelley, Facebook post

Don't sweat it, or do. I take it out on the treadmill!

-BrandiLynn Smith, Faebook post

Buy a bouquet. Every year I treat myself to roses.

-Pamela Hagedorn, Facebook post

Shout it out. One year, inspired by a hilarious episode of Scrubs (Turk's proposal to Carla, to be exact. Watch it here), a group of girlfriends and I bought sparklers and ran down Commonwealth Avenue shouting, "Honk for love!" Turn's out there's a lot of love on the streets of Boston.

-Karen Borsari, Assistant Web Editor

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