Strengthen Your Bond This Season


"Couples can make themselvescrazy trying to do it all," saystherapist Diana Gasperoni, founderof the New York City counselingservice the Relationship Project."But the best holiday memoriescome from connecting." For yourmost harmonious holiday yet...0

  • Just say no to travel
    Opting to stay home will make the seasonmore intimate, so reschedule thefamily reunion. Plus, you'll spend lesson airfare during the off-season.
  • Expect The Expected
    "You may think that if your partner loved youhe'd know just what to give. Butguys aren't mind readers," she says.Decide what you want and tell him.
  • Plot Wisely
    Avoid meltdowns by arranging a planning night whereyou write your events on a calendar."And remember," says Gasperoni,"every year it all gets done."
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