Altruistic people have better and more frequent sex, says study that gives us hope in humanity

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
Updated: July 27, 2016

Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than lending a helping hand to someone in need. (It's true, doing little acts of kindness for others is a powerful antidepressant, according to a 2014 study.) And now you can add another reason to help others to your list: altruistic people have more, and better, sex!

Really. In a paper published in the British Journal of Psychology, hilariously titled "Altruism predicts mating success in humans," scientists make the case that kind people get laid more often. Researchers surveyed 192 women and 105 men, asking them how often they did different kinds of altruistic behaviors like giving blood, donating money to charity, and helping a neighbor. Then, they looked at each person's self-reported sexual history. It turns out that people who scored highest on altruism also scored more in the sheets. (In related attraction news, here's Why Your Gym Sex Fantasy Is Totally Normal.)

Altruistic men reported having more sexual partners in their lifetimes than less charitable gents, and both kind men and women currently in relationships reported having more sex in the past 30 days. Of course, there are always some flaws in studies that involve self-reported behavior (could people just be saying they're charitable?), but previous research has found that we perceive altruistic people to be more attractive overall. Plus, the researchers say that altruism is evolutionarily advantageous since it's an outward and obvious signal that someone would make a good mate to have babies with.

That's all science-speak for "kindness is hot!" And it makes sense. Nothing makes us swoon more than seeing someone playing with a baby, walking a puppy, or helping an old woman across the street. Bad boys? We'll pass.



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