Because who doesn't want to know their exact number of thrusts?

By Lauren Mazzo
January 31, 2017

You can track your sleep. You can track your period. You can track your calories. You can count every single step you take from the moment you swing your feet out of bed. You can even track your Kegels.

But up until this point, there was one thing you couldn't really track: your sex life. But, obvs, living in the age of data overload, we knew that wouldn't last for long. Meet Lovely, the sex toy-meets-tracker that just might change how you see things between the sheets.

The gist: It's a stretchy silicone ring that can be worn around the base of the penis, a finger, or a dildo. Just like your Fitbit or Apple Watch, this thing can do basically everything. It can tell you how many calories you and your partner burn during sex. It vibrates (hey, clitoral stimulation), enhances erections (by slowing blood circulation), knows your favorite positions and even provides ideas for new ones. (Meaning, yeah, you basically have the Kama Sutra in bed with you.) Lovely connects via Bluetooth to an app (both iOS and Android) that gives you all the dirty deets about your romp, from the number of thrusts to top speed, duration, and number of positions tried. The app also offers a way for you to communicate with your partner about the yeas and nays of the night, as well as provides personalized suggestions for stoking the fire and keeping it ~hot~. (P.S. Here are expert tips on how to tell your partner what you want the old-fashioned way.)

Though you might've heard the buzz about Lovely when it surfaced on Indiegogo about a year ago (they crowdfunded over $40K!), it hasn't officially been available until now. You can order it for $169, which, if you think about it, is a steal as a tracker + sex toy in one.

As amazing as this sounds, it does beg the question: Should you really be tracking everything? Does data suck all the fun out of getting dirty, or will adding literal electricity to the equation help fire up the passion? Does introducing a little data-driven robot into your bed help you live your best. sex. life. ever., or turn it into yet another thing you feel like you need to improve?

Welp, there's only one way to find out.