Ava will track your cycle and fertile window to potentially help you conceive

By Sara Angle
July 26, 2016

You can pretty much measure every bodily function imaginable using an app or tracker these days, but one thing that usually takes a bit more manual effort is fertility. Until now.

A new Swiss-founded medical technology company, Ava, has announced the first-ever FDA-approved tracker for fertility. The wearable, which launches today and retails for $199, tracks nine different measures, including pulse rate, breathing rate, sleep quality, movement, heart rate variability, skin temperature, and heat loss,

Your fertile window is basically the time in your cycle when your chances of convincing are most likely. The window is usually "open" for about six days and Ava is able to recognize an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle with 89 percent accuracy. For comparison, urine sticks, currently one of the most common ways to detect fertility, can recognize about 1.8 days. (Plus, you know, they involve peeing on a stick, which isn't exactly fun.) And while it's not designed for women on fertility medications or with existing fertility conditions, it could help you to identify potential fertility issues sooner, so that you can bring the info to your doctor.

"Couples who begin trying to conceive often don't realize how difficult it can be to get pregnant," says Ava Science CEO and co-founder Lea von Bidder.

The tracker only needs to be worn at night, so you don't need to wear it around the clock as if you're screaming from the rooftops that you're trying to get pregnant. As you sleep, the tracker's sensors collect data points that are able to signify the rise of the hormones estradiol (a form of estrogen) and progesterone. Estradiol is the first reproductive hormone to indicate the beginning of the fertile window, while a rise in progesterone indicates the end of that window. In the morning, just sync the wearable with its companion app, which has a color indicator to tell you when you're most fertile.

"The goal is to get pregnant, not to track," says von Bidder. Ava is made to effortlessly fit into your life in hopes that trying to conceive becomes less stressful (which is important because Stress May Double Risk of Infertility). Even if you're not thinking about starting a family anytime soon, knowing when you're fertile can be a really empowering thing.