Besides crushing your workout like the boss babe that you are, of course.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: May 29, 2018

No matter your relationship status, getting your workout on is a very personal thing; most often, it's the only time you get to be 1000% alone, totally zoned out, and focused on scoring some well-deserved endorphins. You can forget about everything else in your life and just sweattttt. Unless you're scoping out some like-minded swolemates, that is.

This isn't saying that all single ladies constantly run around the gym on the prowl (there are plenty of kickass, leave-me-alone workouts happening too); but if you're looking for love (and especially love that's worthy of #fitcouplegoals), these things just sort of float through your subconscious stream of thoughts-whether you want them to or not. (Although, picking up dudes at the gym might not be the best idea. Take it from one writer who tried finding dates during her workouts.)

1. Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left, ugh the man candy here is kind of disappointing.

That one guy in the back of spin class is kind of cute, but he is barely trying. Does he even like fitness?!

2. Hold up-hard swipe right for the guy doing pull-ups.

I think I'll finish the rest of my workout over there...

3. Is he looking at me? OMG he is definitely looking at me. I hope my plank form is on point.

4. Ok, we've crossed paths like five times in the last hour... it has to be fate. Maybe he'll come ask for my number.

Maybe if I take my headphones out for a minute? I might look kind of intimidating doing these deadlifts... but I also look like a BAMF.

5. Aaaaand he just left. It's probably for the best, so I can get back to my workout.

But what if he's The One and we'll never know because no one made a move? Curse the digital era for making us all socially lame AF.

6. Maybe these guys are scared because I'm so ~fiercely~ getting my fitness on.

Whatever-I need a dude that can handle my muscle.

7. Workout tank idea: "Wanted: Swolemate. Must squat more than me, enjoy peanut butter, and be excellent at back massages."

Maybe I could get one and print my phone number on the back?

8. But what if his personality sucks? I need to stop judging men on their appearance. I would hate if a dude was doing that to me.

No more imaginary gym Tindering. I'm ~deeper~ than that.

9. Oh, but look at those GLUTES. He definitely didn't skip leg day.

Am I being creepy? Maybe a little creepy. Wait-I think I saw that guy on Bumble.

10. *Gets hit on by random dude.*

WTH. WHY DOES ANYONE DO THAT HERE?! This isn't a bar. I came to work out.... Ok, maybe the gym isn't such a great place for this after all. Back to crushing my workout. #ForeverAlone #AndHappyAboutIt (Because being in a relationship with the gym is better than one with a human anyway.)


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