The period-proof underwear company is on a mission to make people period-sex-positive—one blanket at a time.

By Julia Malacoff
June 21, 2018
Photo: THINX

Women have opinions about period sex. Some love it; some hate it. Everyone's entitled to their preferences, but the reality is, it doesn't have to be taboo to have sex on your period. In fact, it may even have health benefits. (For more on that, here's everything you need to know about having sex on your period.)

To raise awareness around period sex and kick any remaining stigma to the curb, period-proof underwear maker THINX is releasing a period sex blanket, available in a limited quantity starting today at their NYC pop-up and tomorrow online ($369;

The blanket uses the same technology as the brand's underwear meant to be worn during your period. If you drape the blanket over your bed, on the couch, on the floor-wherever-you don't have to worry about any potential leakage or cleanup. Just toss it in the washing machine when you're done. (P.S. THINX makes period shorts too, and you can actually wear them to work out.)

Plus, it's pretty (and not red!). The blanket has a luxe look and a soft, silky texture, which means you might want it on your bed even when you're *not* menstruating.

Why offer this product, and why now? Well, the reasoning makes a lot of sense when you think about it: "So many people are made to feel afraid or ashamed of having sex on their period," said Maria Molland Selby, CEO of THINX, in a press release. "But the truth is that period sex is totally safe and natural. In fact, orgasms release hormones that can sometimes help ease the pain of menstrual cramps."

Yep, it's true. "For some women, sexual activity-and especially orgasm-can relieve the pain of cramps and headaches that coincide with the early days of a period," Sari Cooper, certified sex therapist and director of Center for Love and Sex in New York City, previously told Shape.

Basically, THINX wants to use the launch of this blanket to start a conversation about period sex, the "pleasure gap" (ICYMI, men are still having way more orgasms than women), and why people may not be open to talking about both. While the blanket will certainly come in handy for those who want to have period sex, that's not all it's about. "This is more than a blanket," added Selby. "This is another opportunity to bust through yet another period taboo and to open a much-needed dialogue about period sex and sex generally." (They also launched a website,, to get the conversations going.)

Also, it's worth noting that while this blanket is cool, you definitely don't need it to have period sex. A dark towel will do just fine. Or you can hop in the shower. Or you can say, "screw it!" (literally), and abandon all f*cks about your sheets. But if you want to treat yourself to something sexy, this is a great way to do it. (And if you're a period sex newbie? Check out the best sex positions for when you have your period for a little inspiration.)