The Top 10 Reasons for Breakups

From cheating to finances, weight gain, and bad sex, here are the top reasons relationships end and couples call it quits, according to a popular dating site

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Mistletoe may make the lyrics of Christmas jingles, but the truth of the matter is the holiday season is ripe breakup time. In fact, in past years, has reported that "peak surfing season" starts on December 25-and we're not talking about waves here.

The stress of in-laws, gift giving, travelling, and wine-induced hangovers prove to be too much for some lovebirds, apparently. Or maybe those things are simply the straws that break the camel's back.

To get to the bottom of things, dating site, culled data from over 100,000 of their members this year, aiming to determine what caused people to break off love in 2014. Below, the top 10 most common reasons for splits, ranked-and some short advice for facing each issue.

1. Cheating. Unfaithfulness proved to be the No. 1 reason people head for Splitsville. But is it completely unforgivable or is there wiggle room? Interestingly enough, a recent survey found that 54 percent of people said that cheating can be justified in certain situations.

2. Bad sex. We feel you, sister. And we're here to help! So don't call it quits before trying these 7 Kinky Upgrades for Your Sex Life.

3. Jealousy. Over-the-top jealousy (or a controlling partner) is never to be taken lightly.

4. Finances. Couples fighting about money is nothing new. But beyond being able to honestly communicate about moolah with your other half is a must.

5. Family differences. Finding out how he grew up and what values he has are just a few of the 5 Questions You Should Ask in a Relationship.

6. Weight gain. If he's packing on the pounds because he's sidelined the importance of diet and exercise, make some new goals together. But remember, there's a fine line between trying to help instill healthy habits and trying to change someone.

7. Laziness. No one wants to be with a lazy partner. Everyone just wants to veg out every now and then, sure, but if once in a while becomes all the time, remember: People aren't likely to change that much over time.

8. Too clingy. Tabloids reported that Khloe Kardashian knew this feeling all too well.

9. Cleanliness. We'd never complain about an overly clean guy! But if he's too messy, tell him this: De-cluttering is one of the 20 Ways to Get Almost Instantly Happy!

10. Frugality. Frugal is one thing. Cheap-that's another. But if money's just tight, don't fret-instead, check out these 40 Free Date Ideas.

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