Twitter Has ~A Lot~ of Feelings About This NYC Marathon Proposal

One woman was proposed to at mile 16 by her long-time boyfriend, but what would you say if someone stopped you mid-race?

Photo: Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images.

On Sunday, 52,812 people-a record-breaking number-ran the New York City Marathon. I'm willing to bet that it was a rollercoaster ride of ~feelings~ for every single one of those runners (I almost cried at least twice myself), but one runner's particular emotional experience is going viral.

In the clip posted by CBS News, Kaitlyn Curran's boyfriend Dennis Galvin jumps the barricade at mile 16 to get on one knee and propose during her first marathon. According to Galvin's cousin Kathleen Figueroa, who took the video, Curran stopped and cried (happy tears?) for about a minute, then hugged him and said "OK, I have to go finish my race." And she did finish, in 4 hours and 24 minutes-although she might have been just a liiiittle bit faster if he hadn't stopped her mid-race.

And that is where the internet is torn.

Of course, there are those who think it's sweet. And it is sweet! Congrats to the happy couple, we could all use more feel-good moments on the Internet.

But then there's the much larger Twitter contingent who thinks this guy was seriously selfish in deciding to take the next major step in their relationship at mile 16-mile 16! That's still 10 miles from the finish!-of his partner's first major road race, one she spent a year training for.

And some people just can't get over the typical male-ness of this move, especially given the current political climate.

While public proposals continue to get more and more popular, the Internet seems to agree that mile 16 of the NYC Marathon isn't it.

That's probably because a marathon is an exhausting mental, physical, and emotional undertaking. (See: The Importance of *Mentally* Training for a Marathon) And it's one that, despite the incredible support you get before and during the race, is all about you and your journey when it comes time to toe the line.

The couple hasn't spoken publicly yet, and for all we know, Curran wasn't running for a specific time and Galvin's move was the motivation she needed to spur herself through those last 10-ish miles. And, of course, there are Twitter users making that point as well.

Inspired by this aww-inducing video and thinking of popping the question to your favorite runner? Maybe just wait until they cross the finish line to propose to play it safe. By then your partner has already accomplished what they set out to do that day-run 26.2 miles-so you'll have two incredible things to celebrate.

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