It may have been made for P-in-V, but it'll upgrade allllll kinds of sex.

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When the We-Vibe Chorus, a C-shaped sex toy for couples marketed towards heterosexual partners, first arrived at my door, I felt about it as I do about cooling blankets or cannabis: "Cool! But probably not for me."

You see, as a queer cis-gender woman who primarily sleeps with other vulva-owners, P-in-V rarely makes an appearance in my sex life. But then Corey More, a New York-based queer sex educator and sex worker who's known for their ability to make sex toys work for queer humans said, "I'm telling you, this is my favorite toy to recommend to queer folks," I decided to give it another try — and I'm so glad I did.

Read on to learn what makes the We-Vibe Chorus (Buy It, $200, one of the best sex toys for couples, plus how to use it with your partner no matter your gender or genital combo.

Using the We-Vibe Chorus with... Penis + Vagina

"The Chorus was created by a heterosexual Canadian couple who were looking for a way to incorporate vibrator into their penetrative sex without requiring that someone hold onto something," says More. Basically, they loved the buzzy benefits of using a wand-style vibrator during sex, but didn't want to deal with holding a bulky handle while banging. Fair.

What they created was a wearable C-shaped vibrator with a motor in each arm. The slimmer arm is designed to slide inside the vagina, while the other wraps around to the outside of the body to rest on the clit. The ultimate twofer, the idea is that the one side stimulates the G-spot while the other stimulates the clit. (Don't know what the G-spot is? Allow sexperts to explain.)

It was also designed to be stimulating for the person with the penis. "While they're doing the penetrating, they also receive stimulation from the vibrating internal arm," says More. (Worth mentioning: The vibrators in each arm are controlled separately, so if you don't enjoy internal vibration or your partner finds the buzz irritation, you can turn the internal arm off entirely.)

If you're never worn a wearable vibrator before *while* being penetrated, it might sound a little, well, cramped. But rest assured, the internal arm is thin enough that it doesn't feel like double penetration. "The medical-grade silicone that the Chorus is made out of is so high quality and silky that it feels silky and smooth—not friction-y—against the penis," says More. Good to know, right? (Also read: How to Buy a Safe and Quality Sex Toy)

Now in its sixth (!!) generation, what sets the Chorus apart from earlier versions of the product like the We-Vibe Match or Sync—as well as other wearable vibrators on the market like the Lelo TIAN 2 and Satisfyer Whale—is that the Chorus is adjustable. Considering no body has the exact same distance between their internal hot spot and clit, the importance of this feature can't be understated! "It allows you to fit the vibrator exactly to your body shape," says More. So, rather than using a vibrator that just ~sorta kinda~ fits, you get to use one that actually fits. Like I said: Rad!

Using the We-Vibe Chorus with... Vagina + Vagina

Like I said, P-in-V in all fine and dandy, but I was looking for a way to enjoy the Chorus in my own sex life. More gave it to me.

"The Chorus makes an amazing addition to strap-on and pegging sex," they say. The person wearing the harness can insert the chorus before strapping on, then use either the remote-control that comes with the toy or the app to control the vibration, and the base of the dildo helps hold the toy in place the entire time. (Related: Everything You Need to Know About Pegging)

"Strap-on play is a huge part of my sex life, and the Chorus is the only thing that really allows me to really feel sensation while I'm strapped on and penetrating a partner," says More. The We-Vibe app, which allows wearers to control the vibration setting from their phone, has ambiance mode that allows the toy to the vibrator in sync with the music in the background — or your and your partner's moans. (So cool, right?) "Using ambiance mode helps me feel more connected to the person I'm wearing it with," says More. Plus, they say, "It helps ensure I don't orgasm too fast."

Personally, I don't like being penetrated while strapped on. So instead of inserting the Chorus inside me, I flattened it and out inserted it into the lining of my favorite underwear style harness, the Rodeoh Black Button Fly Harness (Buy It, $55, (Did you know there's another style of harnesses known as a strap harness?) Truthfully, it was one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences I've ever had.

BTW: If you're feeling ambitious, you can definitely use the Chorus with a double-ended dildo like the Fun Factory Share (Buy It, $115,, adds More.

Using the We-Vibe Chorus... Anally

Anal sex aficionados, you're in luck. There's a way for you to enjoy the toy, too.

Before you do, though, it's important to kink a severe curve into the neck of the toy ahead of time. That's because unlike the vaginal canal, which stops at the cervix, the anal canal keeps on going all the way to the digestive tract, says More. "To explore anal play safely, you need to use a toy that has a flared base or big bend that will keep the toy rooted outside the body so that it doesn't get stuck inside," they explain. (FYI: That's why butt plugs have a carrot-like shape and why most anal beads feature a big ring on the end.)

More's rec: Bend the Chorus into an L-shape, then (using lube!) slide the more bulbous two-ish inches inside so that the vibration either indirectly stimulates your G-spot through the wall between your anus and vagina, or directly stimulates your prostate (called the P-spot) if you have a penis. "Then, let the smaller arm rest against your taint, so you get dual stimulation going," they say. An often ignored erogenous zone, the taint (better-known as the perineum or gooch) is the blip of skin between your front-genitals and anus and is packed with nerves. The duel stimulation will feel amazing, they say. (Related: What Are Blended Orgasms? Plus, 6 Other Types of Orgasms)

Using the We-Vibe Chorus... Solo

For starters, if you enjoy using a strap-on for a solo sesh, you can either wear the Chorus or tuck it into your harness in the same ways described above. Likewise, if you enjoy wearing a vibrating butt plug while you masturbate, the Chorus is a great option because, thanks to the squeezable remote and app, you can control the vibrations without doing an awkward reach around.

And, thanks for that remote control and app situation, if you're in a long-distance relationship or simply aren't with your partner at the moment, this is still a great sex toy for couples; using the We-Connect app, your partner can take control of the toy no matter where they are. (Here are more remote control vibrators to consider as well.)

Beyond that, "you can bend it into a C-shape and use it to stroke up and down a cock or bend it straight and use it as you would an external vibrator," says More. You can also position the toy so that one side is pressed against your G-spot and the other is resting your perineum and then use fingers to stimulate your clit.

Oh, and technophiles you'll love this: "If you have a really great masturbation session, using the app there's a setting that allows you to save the intensity sequence you can use it again later," notes More. And, on top of all that, it's waterproof.

The bottom line? Far more than just meets the eye, the We-Vibe Chorus is a toy that anybody can enjoy no matter their relationship status, gender, sexuality, or sexual preferences. So you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try—and only orgasms to gain.

Credit: Ella Paradis