We-Vibe has upgraded its popular Nova rabbit vibrator — and this is why it's my new favorite.
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In 1998, Sex And The City introduced us to the rabbit. When the vibrator gives her the best orgasm of her life, Charlotte considers holing up at home with her rabbit and giving up on dating entirely. While it might not be the most progressive message about sex toys, it certainly piqued people's interest. And in the 20 years since, not only have we firmly established that sex toys and partnered sex can peacefully coexist, but we've also developed more advanced rabbit sex toys.

As someone who's written about sex for a few years, I'm no stranger to sex toys — boxes and boxes of them show up at my apartment. For years, the absolute best toy (IMO) has been We-Vibe's Nova (Buy It, $146 with code COZY, $214, ellapardis.com) — but the brand recently released an updated version, aptly named the Nova 2 (Buy It, $102 with code COZY, $149, ellaparadis.com), and it has all the amazing features of the first generation Nova, plus a few extras. (Here, check out more rabbit vibrators to take your orgasm to the next level.)

The Nova corrects a critical mistake in the design of Charlotte's rabbit and many rabbits like it. The vibrator featured in SATC, for example, has an internal shaft that sticks straight up from the handle, a ring of rotating beads, and a slightly curved, vibrating bunny head. Although it worked for Charlotte's body, there's no way it would have worked for everyone. If your vagina and clitoris didn't exactly match the distance between the shaft and the rabbit head, the vibrations that were supposed to give you the best orgasms ever wouldn't even reach your clit. Many rabbits on the market still have this design flaw.

Both the Nova and the Nova 2 are smartly designed to fit a wide range of bodies. With its bendable internal arm and flexible external arm, the Nova 2 guarantees it'll get you to climax, no matter how your body is built. The Nova 2's vibrating arms are deeply curved, so instead of sticking straight up, the Nova 2's internal shaft actually takes your G-spot into account and curves into your body. And the external arm (the "rabbit" part of the toy) is flexible enough to move with your body, ensuring you'll never accidentally lose contact with those delicious vibes. (Related: Amazon's Best-Selling Rabbit Vibrator Will Leave You Quivering—and It's Only $24 RN)

While all of this was the same with the OG We-Vibe Nova, what makes the Nova 2 special is even more flexibility. While the older toy had that beautiful curve in the internal arm, the position was fixed. The Nova 2 is bendable. Now, people who buy the Nova 2 can adjust the internal arm to perfectly fit their body. All of this flexibility adds up to an ingeniously-designed sex toy that knows bodies aren't one-size-fits-all.

We-Vibe Nova 2
Credit: Ella Paradis

As with all of We-Vibe's toys, the Nova 2 is covered in body-safe silicone (the brand uses an extra soft version for this one!) and is waterproof, rechargeable, and able to connect to the We-Connect app. The app allows your partner to control the toy from the other room or from across the country, making it a great option for couples who are quarantining apart or are in long-distance relationships. (Check out some other remote control sex toys right here.)

The Nova 2 also has 13 intensity levels (and let me tell you, it gets intense!), 10 vibration modes, and cleverly-designed buttons that make it easy to use (no fumbling to turn it on or off). Also different from the first Nova, the Nova 2 has a button that allows you to choose which of the two powerful motors (one for the internal arm and one for the rabbit) you want on. If you don't love internal vibration, you can turn that arm off. If you want everything moving and shaking, you can turn both motors on. (Related: This Powerful $29 Rabbit Vibrator Is Amazon’s Most-Wanted Sex Toy)

What the Nova 2 offers more than any other rabbit vibrator I've seen is a choose-your-own-adventure experience. Bend the internal arm to wherever feels best for you. Opt to have pulsations in the internal part, the external part, or both. Decide how fast you want it to vibrate and which vibration pattern feels good to you (with the app you can even set it to a song!).

But, above all, the Nova 2 is my favorite because it creates the most amazing, out-of-this-world, blended orgasms I've ever had with any sex toy. ICYDK, a blended orgasm is when you climax from internal and external clitoral stimulation — a vaginal and clitoral orgasm. And they're pretty freaking incredible.

The icing on the cake? The newest, updated version is actually cheaper than the OG — while also currently on sale with promo code COZY on Ella Paradis' website, making it a cool $102. Take my word for it, and add it to your shopping cart ASAP.