"Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now"

By Lauren Mazzo

There are a lot of things that can kill the ripping-each-other's-clothes-off mood when you're mid hookup: an accidental knee-to-crotch situation (did you know you can break a penis?), an erectile dysfunction commercial coming on the TV, a Hannah Montana song that somehow snuck into your "Gettin' Busy" playlist-and when you have to say, "I'll be right back" and run off to the bathroom to pee.

But sometimes, it's not that you actually need to go to the bathroom, it's just that it feels like it. What's the deal? Shape sexpert Dr. Logan Levkoff says it's all about anatomy. Basically, the vaginal cavity sits behind the bladder, and during penetration, the penis can push right on your bladder (especially during rear-entry positions like doggy style). Not so mysterious, right?

And the solution is even easier: just make sure you go to the bathroom before anything gets too heated (so you don't have to worry about killing the mood later, when things are already steamy). That way, you can rest assured knowing that you don't actually have to go.

BUT (!) there's another reason why you might get the feeling even when your bladder is empty, says Dr. Levkoff, and that's G-spot stimulation. (If you're still confused about whether the g-spot exists, you need to watch this video, stat.) When the g-spot is stimulated, fluid pools around it in the nearby spongy urethral tissue, and could cause you to ejaculate. (Which is a thing, you guys.)

The takeaway? Go to the bathroom before sex, embrace it if your g-spot gives you the magical gift of female ejaculation, and go pee after sex too (here's why that's super important, straight from Dr. Levkoff).


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