Our sexpert has all the answers (spoiler alert: say yes to lube!)

By Lauren Mazzo

If you're sexually active, it's basically guaranteed you've encountered an uncomfortable sexual problem at least once in your lifetime ("his penis hurts," "I can't get wet," "I can't orgasm," the list goes on). But usually, we assume our own problems are super weird or that they're happening because we're somehow dysfunctional.

So. Not. True. Especially when it comes to getting wet.

Our sexpert, Dr. Logan Levkoff (you might recognize her from Married At First Sight), told us the #truth about vaginal lubrication. First of all, we're all different-so don't worry stress if a friend can't relate. Second, whether or not you can get wet relies on a whole bunch of things: it could be that you're not super comfortable with your partner or that a medication is messing with your body. Or you might even be able to blame the soap you use in the shower. Basically, if you're feeling a little parched down there, it doesn't mean you're going through early menopause, and it's not your fault. (Here are another 9 Hyped-Up Sex Issues You Should Ignore.)

And, yes, there's something you can do about it. We live in a modern world where there's a ~magical~ thing called lube, and it makes sex feel freaking great. Just ask researchers from Indiana Univeristy, who found in a 2011 study that both water‐ and silicone‐based lubricants were associated with significantly higher reports of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. (Not sure where to start? Here's Everything You Need to Know About Lube.) Of course, if you're having continual issues with vaginal dryness, the best choice is to go see your gynecologist.

Otherwise, break out the lube and get busy-no shame or judgment here.


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