These couples are #goals on so many levels.

By Julia Malacoff

Couples acroyoga is pretty adorable and seriously challenging for a variety of reasons. Mainly, you *really* need to trust your partner in order to attempt any of the more difficult poses. Perhaps that's why Alec Horan decided to propose to his now-fiancée, Steph Gardner, in a middle of an acroyoga session while they were on vacation in Hawaii. As she tilted her head back for the most difficult part of the pose, she saw the sparkly ring that Horan had waiting for her. Lucky for us, he filmed the whole thing so we can watch it in awe. They make it look totally easy, right? (BTW, here are 5 reasons you and your partner should try acroyoga.)

Though this particular proposal has made a splash on social media, it looks like Alec wasn't the first person to think of acroyoga as a way to pop the question. Back in 2014, Jonathan Sinclair decided to ask his then-girlfriend Melissa to marry him during their final presentation for a 200-hour yoga training course they took together. To see the proposal itself go down, skip to 3:10 and get ready to involuntarily "aww." The most amazing part? Somehow Melissa manages to stay in the pose for several moments, even after being super surprised.

While the next proposal doesn't necessarily show off the couple's yoga skills, it does highlight that getting into a workout routine with your S.O. can lead to awesome things, like getting engaged in yoga class. If you're in the mood to cry (tears of joy, of course), check out this adorable post-Savasana proposal. (Side note: Here's more on why you and your S.O. should work out together JLo and ARod style.)

Yoga teacher Erin Gilmore stealthily snapped the video after one of her students asked if he could propose to his girlfriend after class. Though this type of proposal might not be everyone's dream, it's certainly sweet (and sweaty). Plus, it's amazing to see how yoga can bring a couple closer by providing a hobby they can do together. And if yoga's not really your thing, try this perfect total-body workout for couples.


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