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This Is Your Sex Style, According to Your Horoscope

Sex By Sign

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Just as everyone’s got their own sartorial sense (the great printed leggings vs. classic black debate rages on), when it comes to heating things up in the bedroom, you definitely have a sex style. You know: what turns you on, gets you excited, and gives you major pleasure. And, just like with workouts or stress-management, the all-knowing zodiac provides a lot of insight into what would work best for you behind closed doors.

But to really bone up (sorry, had to) on your getting-busy persona, don’t just look at your sun sign. (That’s the one most horoscopes list, based on your birthday. With more details, an astrologer can tell you your moon sign, your rising sign, and more—all part of your birth chart.)

“To dive deep into your sexual style, read for your Venus sign,” says Sandra Sitron, founder of Strong Eye Astrology. “Venus is the goddess of love and beauty—she shows how you receive love.” (If you don’t know which Venus sign you are, find out here.)

Sitron notes that your Venus sign will tell you a lot about your hook-up nature, so whether you’re a frisky fire sign or a more gentle air sign, the alignment of the stars on your birth chart can reveal your deepest desires.

Keep reading for Sitron’s take on each of the Venus signs, to help you get your (cosmic) freak on.

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so she’s a natural leader both inside and outside the bedroom. She’s risky, frisky, and sparky—and a major “take-charge” type (think whips and stilettos). Whatever she does, it’s going to be direct and unabashed. Aries loves new frontiers and making things fun.


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Taurus rules the physical body, so she is very sensual—she wants to feel really good in her body. Her desire is to luxuriate in gentle touches, fine fabrics, delightful tastes, smells, and sounds (hygge, basically). She loves slow romance, but she’s also got major endurance. Taurus is willing to stay up all night if it feels good—so make sure you have matcha on hand for the next day.


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Gemini is flirty, light, airy, and zippy. She’s one of those people who’s good at everything—and that applies in the bedroom, too. She loves word-play, role-play and spicing things up. Creative Gemini has a light touch and quick humor; her style is to whisper sweet nothings and always be ready with a surprise.


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Cancer’s sex style is all-encompassing love. She’s ultra-nurturing, but also sensual and sultry. This lover wants to surrender and receive top-notch care. Cancer has so much to give, and is adept at helping her partner feel safe, cozy, and cherished.

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