A new study reports the perceived sexiness of various creative activities, as ranked by the opposite sex

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In case you're looking for a new "sexy" creative activity to pick up in your spare time (because isn't that the main criteria we all look for in a hobby?), we've got some handy stats to help you navigate this rocky terrain.

Thanks to a new report in the Journal of Creative Behavior, we now know the perceived sexiness of different creative activities according to members of the opposite sex. The University of Pennsylvania researchers asked 815 undergraduates to rank different types of creativity by sex appeal, and responses were measured on a five-point scale ranging from 1 (sexually unattractive), to 5 (sexually attractive).

Here are some important takeaways based on the "hot" or "not" graphic: The top 10 for both sexes includes everything from the vague ("playing sports"), to the oddly specific ("taking a date on a spontaneous road trip") to the things we never even knew we could consider as an actual hobby ("making a clever remark"). Recording music, performing in a band, taking artistic photographs, and "dressing in a unique style" also made the top 10. (Here, the sexiest exercise, according to men.)

Big surprise: the bottom 10 included activities such as "the development of scientific experiment designs," "applying math in an original way to solve a practical program," "entering projects or papers into a science contest," and "constructing scientific or technical objects." Sorry, nerds.

We should also mention that "writing magazine articles" was ranked as a 2.5 by this group of undergraduate men-we'll count this one in the "win" column for today. See where everything else fell on the spectrum below.