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SHAPE Magazine's 2010 Live Healthy Gift Guide

Best Gift: Handisleeve/Dandisleeve by Umbra

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No more spills or burns! Slip the plastic-coated Handisleeve/Dandisleeve by Umbra over your to-go coffee to get a better grip. $5,

Best Gift: Italian Herb Garden's Basil, Oregano, and Chive Plants

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Add a little greenery to a city dweller's kitchen with the Italian Herb Garden's basil, oregano, and chive plants. $35,

Best Gift: Reusable Bag from Envirosax Bloom

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Eco-chic sack Tote groceries or run errands in style with a vibrantly patterned reusable bag from Envirosax Bloom. $40 for 5,

Best Gift: Oregon Scientific Aroma Diffuser Elite

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Combining LED light technology with nature sounds and aromatherapy, the Oregon Scientific Aroma Diffuser Elite is the way to unwind after a long day. $97,

Best Gift: Chef's Salt Collection

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With flavors like Bamboo Curry, the Chef's Salt Collection gives any dish a gourmet feel. $40 for 4,

Best Gift: Takeya Fruit Infusion Jug

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Create your own low-cal flavored water with the Takeya Fruit Infusion jug which has a built-in strainer to remove the fruit and seeds. $25,

Best Gift: Revolution Tea Gift Chest

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Delight a tea drinker with the Revolution Tea Gift Chest, which includes five varieties, from tropical green to ginger peach. $50,

Best Gift: Global Gardens California Gift Set

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Upgrade salads with the Global Gardens California Gift Set , a duo of extra-virgin olive oil and fruit-infused balsamic vinegar. $40,

Best Gift: Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

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The sleek Drosselmeyer nutcracker features a small container to catch shells—so there's no mess to clean up. $40,


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