September 22, 2010

Here's who you named when we asked who was the sexiest man in Hollywood:

Brad Pitt 28%

Johnny Depp 20%

Jake Gyllenhaal 18%

George Clooney 17%

Clive Owen 9%

Denzel Washington 8%

And guys picks for the sexiest woman:

Jessica Alba 27%

Jessica Biel 17%

Megan Fox 14%

Scarlett Johansson 12%

Eva Mendes 9%

Jessica Simpson 9%

Beyonce 5%

Rihanna 3%

Kate Bosworth 2%

Sienna Miller 2%

Spice Up Your Sex Life with This Meal

"Lean meats, deep-green vegetables, and brightly colored fruits, are all good for sexual vitality," say Robert Fried, Ph.D. and Lynn Nezin, Ph.D, authors of Great Food, Great Sex. These foods boost blood flow to your heart and sex organs, which will help you become aroused, increase lubrication, and better your chances for an orgasm. So what qualifies as a "sexy" meal? Try fixing this mojo-enhancing menu for you and your mate:


Main dish:

Side dish: