These workouts, recipes, and diet strategies will help you reach your slim-down goals in just two months.

The 14 workouts are divided into weeks 1 through 4 and 5 through 8 (except for the ab-specific routine, which you can do throughout). The moves and reps vary depending on the week so your body never gets bored and you continue to see results until the big day. (If you have more than two months to get in shape, alternate the four-week programs and increase the weight you're using and the intensity of the cardio programs as your wedding day approaches.) No plateaus allowed here!

Just follow the recommended order and intensity and check out the video and audio if you need help understanding a move.

Our diet strategies and fat-fighting recipes will help you lose pounds or maintain your weight so you don't have any surprises during that final dress fitting. Craving a brownie? Read our guide on how to stop stress eating in its tracks!

While our plan will help you drop pounds and firm up all over, your overall body shape-hourglass, petite, pear, etc.-won't change (it just may shrink a little). Find the perfect gown to show off your curves by following our fit tips.

Finally, we give you beauty strategies that will help you start prepping for your wedding six months out. From hair removal to facials, we tell you when to do what so you're glowing and confident when you walk down the aisle.