Steps for Success: Add One Easy Win Every Day


Sometimes, the best steps for success are small ones. No matter what your healthy goal, adding one easy win to your day makes you feel confident while giving your health a boost. Use one of these healthy tips every day and get ready for a whole, new healthy life.

Turbocharge Your Healthy Living Goals: 30 Easy Moves

1. Have a no-judgment day. Dr. Mehmet Oz recommends that you pick one day and live it without judging. Not anything, not anybody-and that includes yourself.

2. Add a vegetable to your lunch. Cucumbers in a sandwich, for instance, can be a whole new healthy (addictive) taste experience. Or see what you can do with radishes, yellow carrots, and avocado.

3. Put your workout shoes by the door. Every moment you spend hunting for them or going back upstairs to get them is another opportunity to back out of your workout plan.

4. Sign up for a race. Raise the "you have to work out today" stakes by signing up for some sort of charity walk or race that scares you a little bit. Find races near you here (scroll down until you see the "things to do near you" box on the right hand side).

5. Do one "real" push-up. One. That's all we're asking. Feel too hard? Find out what you might be doing wrong in this video.

6. Leave something on your plate tonight...other than parsley.

7. Buy something new to work out in. And make it cute (we love these workout skirts). Even Kelly Osbourne swears by looking cute at the gym.

8. Wear the same socks you did yesterday. Just get to the gym! No excuses.

9. Browse your vacation photos. Remember what made it great and bring one little attitude shift into your day.

10. Breathe.

11. Imagine your skinny, fit, sane, cool life. Write down one way it will make you feel. That's all you have to do.

12. Do another "real" push-up today. That's two more than you could/would do a week ago. Now join the Million Push Up Challenge. The aim is for 1,000 people to do 1,000 push-ups in January. You give a little money and a little sweat and Grace Children's Village in Kabale, Uganda gets a little help alleviating poverty.

13. Get inspired with Hood to Coast, a documentary about four teams of extraordinary people – including some committed nonexercisers – as they try to complete the world's largest relay foot race. That's 197 miles from Mt. Hood to Seaside, OR. In theaters on day only – 1.11.11 – but catch the spirit with the trailer here. Makes a basic workout seem really doable.

14. Waste 10 minutes. Do something you're interested in that "doesn't get you anywhere." See where it does get you. Might help you make new connections in your mind that jump start your inspiration and your dreams.

15. For 30 seconds today, do something harder than you ever thought possible. Push harder on the elliptical. Do one more rep in weight training.

16. Make a new workout playlist. Check out what top celebs work out to.

17. Chop extra veggies. While you have the knife and cutting board out, chop veggies for tomorrow, too. Then check out more ways to save time in the kitchen.

18. Keep your head in the moment. Don't bring past or future issues with you to work, to your workout-or to bed. (See how one top soccer star makes it work for her.)

19. Crawl. Seriously, get on your hands and feet (bend your knees, but don't let them touch the ground) and crawl across the floor a few times. It's tough! And it's an amazing abs workout.

20. Appreciate something. About yourself. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself on something. Bonus points if you compliment yourself on 10 things. On a roll? See 15 other ways to be your most confident.

21. First thing in the morning, stretch. Take a page from cats and let yourself feel great from the get-go this morning. Try this easy super stretch (you don't even have to leave the bed first).

22. Go to bed earlier. Makes you feel better and eat less. Moving your bedtime up by 5 minutes a day gets you 35 minutes more rest every night, recommends Dr. Michael Roizen (see more of his sleep tips).

23. Trade your baked potato for a sweet one. The most compelling reason? It boosts your sex life. Oh, wait. We mean the compelling reason is that it tastes great and gives you tons of nutrients and healthy fiber.

24. Read about someone awesome. Success stories get us every time. We love Erik Weihenmayer (blind adventurer; has climbed Everest), Sarah Reinertsen (first female above-knee amputee Ironman), and all the women in our success stories.

25. Write down your successes. Jot down what you did right today...or for the past 25 days.

26. Listen to what someone else has to say. The TED conference never fails to tickle your brain. Fortunately, for those without an invite or a few thousand dollars to spare, the best talks are online (including Arianna Huffington: How to Succeed? Get More Sleep and Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability).

27. Play a game. Our fitness IQ game focuses your mind while giving you the facts.

28. Today, don't eat anything processed. Too much? Then start by going natural just at breakfast.

29. Apply self-tanner. Gives you that just-back-from-Barbados look (and makes you look slimmer, too).

30. Reach into the freezer. Go past the frozen pizza and hit the frozen veggies. They're flash frozen at the peak of ripeness and sometimes have more nutrients than fresh veggies that have been on the shelf (or in your crisper drawer) too long. Use our recipe finder to make something delicious with them.

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